Panicked Vladimir Putin facing religious bloodbath as FSB runs amok in North Caucasus

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun26,2024

Russia’s security services have been accused of orchestrating the terror attacks that left at least twenty people dead in Dagestan.

The bombshell allegation suggests agencies such as the FSB are increasingly out of control and could lead Russia into major civil and religious turmoil.

Gunmen armed with automatic rifles went on the rampage in the capital Makhachkala, as well as in Derbent on Sunday.

Russian Orthodox churches, a synagogue and police posts were all targeted by the ruthless assailants.

Around 46 people were injured and rushed to hospitals in the wake of the horrifying attacks. Five gunmen were also reported to have been killed.

It is believed that the sons of Magomed Omarov, a senior regional official, took part in the terror attacks.

Mr Omarov has since been removed from his post, according to the region’s governor Sergei Melikov.

Ruslan Kutaev told the attacks were not ISIS-inspired and were related to intra-elite feuds inside Dagestan.

“What happened in Dagestan is not perceived correctly,” he said. “The sons and nephew of the head of the regional administration are organising a showdown with the police.

“In the recordings they made themselves, they swear and there are no Islamic slogans or calls. It was a showdown between people in power.”

The rebel Chechen leader, who once served in President Dudaev’s government in the 1990s, then added: “But in the second part of these events, the church and synagogue are attacked.

“I think that the FSB of Russia had prepared a provocation operation, and they had to urgently implement it in order to give a conservative religious character to the gang wars of people in power.”

Dagestan is a predominantly Muslim country located in the North Caucasus, neighbouring Chechnya.

Putin has faced a growing jihadist uprising in the region over the past few years, with ISIS affiliated groups carrying out several attacks.

Despite a huge crackdown on Islamist extremists, terrorists have still managed to launch devastating attacks inside Russia.

In March, over 100 concert goers were killed by ISIS-K-affiliated gunmen who stormed the Crocus City Hall venue.

The Kremlin has tried to pin the blame for both the Moscow and Dagestan attacks on Ukraine and its Western allies.

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