One of the Strongest Voices Urging Biden to Stay in the Race Is Hunter

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul1,2024 #finance

Here’s an amusing article from the New York Times on who is urging the President not to drop out.

Camp David Huddle

The New York Times reports Biden’s Family Tells Him to Keep Fighting as They Huddle at Camp David

President Biden’s family is urging him to stay in the race and keep fighting despite last week’s disastrous debate performance, even as some members of his clan privately expressed exasperation at how he was prepared for the event by his staff, people close to the situation said on Sunday.

Mr. Biden huddled with his wife, children and grandchildren at Camp David while he tried to figure out how to tamp down Democratic anxiety. While his relatives were acutely aware of how poorly he did against former President Donald J. Trump, they argued that he could still show the country that he remains capable of serving for another four years.

Mr. Biden has been soliciting ideas from advisers about how to proceed, and his staff has been discussing whether he should hold a news conference or sit for interviews to defend himself and change the narrative, but nothing has been decided yet.

One of the strongest voices imploring Mr. Biden to resist pressure to drop out was his son Hunter Biden, whom the president has long leaned on for advice, said one of the people informed about the discussions, who, like others, spoke on condition of anonymity to share internal deliberations. 

Political Malpractice

I said in advance that the format that Biden insisted on would benefit Trump.

Turning off the mics when not speaking was brilliant (for Trump). It forced Trump to behave.

Don’t Worry, It’s Just Preparation Overload

Joe Biden “The Best Way to Make a Judgement is Watch Me”

The Blame Game

Who’s to Blame?

Nancy Pelosi to the Rescue

Nancy Pelosi downs a bottle of vodka and then comes to the defense of Joe Biden

Tulsi Gabbard Chimes In

Tulsi: The problem isn’t just that Biden is old. The problem is he’s insane. Only a madman would not consider a nuclear holocaust/war an existential threat, saying “the ONLY existential threat to humanity is climate change.”

I am a big Tulsi Fan. Someone like her is the future of the party.

What a fantastic speech.

Marco Rubio Suddenly Emerges on Trump’s Short VP List, Why?

I last discussed Tulsi on June 22 in Marco Rubio Suddenly Emerges on Trump’s Short VP List, Why?

Tulsi Gabbard Rings All Six Bells

Tusli is a womanyoung, an amazing speakernot MAGA, a person of color, and a moderate on abortion. She’s also attractive which may matter to a lot of men.

She rings six of six bells.

I believe Trump would win in a landslide if he picked Gabbard. The base would not like that pick, but so what? Is Trump seeking adulation or does he want to win?

In terms of winning, it may no longer matter who Trump picks. But if Trump wants to win in a landslide, Tulsi is a great choice.

For the Good of the Nation, Biden Needs to Stay in the Race

In case you missed it, please see For the Good of the Nation, Biden Needs to Stay in the Race

If you are a Republican, you should want Biden to hang on, willing to take your chances on Trump beating him.

Trump would not be my choice for many reasons. At the top of the list, I am a free market, mind my own business Libertarian.

But there is no chance of changing the Republican end of the ticket. The saving grace for Biden is he may the one person Trump is most likely to beat.

Bill Maher has similar thoughts: “The whole rationale for Biden running has always been I’m the only guy who can beat Trump. Now I think it’s inverted. He’s the only guy who can lose to him.”

Four More Months!

Unlike Maher, I think Trump would beat many if not most Democratic candidates. But I prefer not to find out.

Republicans should be openly rooting for Biden to hang on.

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