One European country reveals plan to ‘ban’ foreign flags on its soil

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun29,2024

One Scandinavian country has revealed plans to restrict the display of foreign flags on its territory from January 2025, its Ministry of Justice announced on Wednesday.

“The Dannebrog [the Danish flag] is the most important national symbol we have in Denmark. It’s a symbol that ties us together as a nation,” said Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard in a press release, deeming it necessary that “flags from other countries should not be flown freely”.

“It will not be forbidden to use flags or banners, for example at demonstrations or sporting events”, the statement added.

The “ban”, due to come into force on January 1, 2025, follows a debate after legal proceedings against a Dane who has hoisted an American flag in his garden, said The Local dk.

In allowing him to fly his flag freely, the Supreme Court ruled last year that an ordinance prohibiting the flying of foreign flags in a building was null and void. In the ruling, the Supreme Court said the directive was closely related to the situation before and during the First World War.

Consequently, parliament revoked the war-era directive. The Supreme Court also noted that raising a flag may be protected by freedom of speech rights.

This prompted the government to legislate. A proposal for a new law was expected after a majority in parliament voted in March in favour of a resolution proposing a new ban on flying foreign flags.

The new regulations will have several exemptions, including the ability to display the flags of Nordic countries, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Germany. Those of international or regional organisations are also not subject to the rules.

Embassies will also be authorised to hoist the flags of their respective countries on their buildings.

In exceptional circumstances, the justice minister will be allowed to exempt flags from the ban – as would be the case with Ukraine’s flag currently.

The ban will meanwhile only apply to flying flags from flagpoles, meaning banners and flags at demonstrations or sporting events would not breach the law.

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