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Woman from Oklahoma cruising around in stolen Jeep insists it’s legit birthday gift from Waffle House patron

Jamie Roberts By Jamie Roberts May17,2024

TULSA, Okla. (TCD) — One woman’s “birthday present” wasn’t wrapped in a bow and ended up causing her arrest rather than a celebration.

The Tulsa Police Department said in a statement that its Real Time Information Center got an alert from a camera system on April 1 at 3:55 p.m. about a stolen Jeep Liberty driving in the area. The information center kept tabs on the Jeep until officers could conduct a traffic stop.

According to police, the driver, Angela Harrison, allegedly said she was at a gas station about an hour before getting pulled over and had run into a customer she knew from working at a Waffle House. She claimed the acquaintance handed her $10 and the keys to the Jeep Liberty in honor of her upcoming 53rd birthday.

The Jeep had reportedly been stolen before Christmas, and police also had a photo of Harrison in the car from January. Tulsa Police said Harrison confirmed she was the woman in the picture, but she “could not explain how she could have been in possession of the vehicle in January when she claimed it was gifted to her only an hour before.”

The Jeep’s owner died last year, but police returned the car to his family.

Harrison was arrested on a charge of possession of a stolen vehicle.

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Jamie Roberts

By Jamie Roberts

Jamie is an award-winning investigative journalist with a focus on uncovering corruption and advocating for social justice. With over a decade of experience in the field, Jamie's work has been instrumental in bringing about positive change in various communities.

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2 thoughts on “Woman from Oklahoma cruising around in stolen Jeep insists it’s legit birthday gift from Waffle House patron”
  1. How could she not know the Jeep was stolen if she received it as a birthday gift just an hour before? Seems fishy…

    1. It does seem suspicious that the woman claimed she received the stolen Jeep as a birthday gift from a Waffle House patron just one hour before being pulled over by the police. The story sounds quite dubious, doesn’t it?

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