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Offensive list ranking girls at elite Victorian school ‘utterly unacceptable’, premier says

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May14,2024
Key Points
  • Male students at Yarra Valley Grammar have been suspended over a list ranking female students’ attractiveness.
  • Federal and state politicians have condemned the list, which used highly offensive terms.
  • The school reportedly indicated it would consult with police on whether certain terms used in the list could constitute a criminal offence.
This article contains references to sexual violence and offensive language.
Male students at an elite Victorian school have been suspended over a list ranking the attractiveness of female students, which the state’s premier Jacinta Allan has described as “misogynistic, disgraceful, and utterly unacceptable”.
“We have been having, for months now, an ongoing community conversation about how four women every week are losing their lives at the hands of a man. Maybe a current or former partner, maybe a complete stranger,” Allan said on Monday.

“This pattern of violence against women — not only does the act of violence have to stop, but these displays of disrespecting women. Like, it’s just disgraceful.”

It’s just disgraceful.

Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan

Allan said her thoughts are with the young women, who have received counselling at Yarra Valley Grammar.
The school’s principal, Mark Merry, said the list used offensive terms and referenced sexual violence.

It reportedly ranked female students from “wifeys”, “cuties”, “mid”, “object”, and “get out” to “unrapeable”.

The school was informed of the list after the students posted it on the messaging app Discord and will meet with the parents of the young women targeted, Merry said.

The school flagged notifying police about the list and looking into whether using the term “unrapeable” constitutes a threat, The Age reported.

‘A very serious matter’

“What has been said can’t be unsaid,” Merry told ABC News Breakfast on Monday.
“We see this as a very serious matter. It’s completely counter to everything that we hold dear here at the school,” he said.

“We have lots of students in that year level who are outraged, who feel sad, who feel angry and they’re rallying around to support these young women.”

Merry said Yarra Valley Grammar holds “respectful relationship” classes but because of mixed messages on social media, “young boys get it wrong”.
The Yarra Valley Grammar incident comes as the federal government last week tackling violence against women, which has been labelled a “crisis” of .

Federal minister, consent educator support suspensions

Federal Education Minister Jason Clare said he was glad the boys were suspended over the list, which he said was “disgusting and appalling”.
“After all that we have seen over the last, not just week, but years here, it demonstrates that there is still a lot more work to do,” he told Nine’s Today Show on Monday.

“It’s a job not just for schools but for parents and political leaders like me as well. Part of that is providing funding to schools right across the country for respectful relationship courses and consent courses.”

Consent educator Chanel Contos said suspending the students “is accountability and accountability deters others from doing the same”.
“I’m thankful this principal took this seriously (we know so many don’t) and I hope this becomes protocol for any acts like this,” she wrote on Instagram.
“Sending love to all the girls impacted by this abhorrent list, too many of us have been ranked and the effects of objectification and misogyny in teen years are lasting.
“The ironic thing is that there would probably be less accountability for actual acts of assault because the burden of proof is so high that usually absolutely nothing happens.”
SBS News has contacted the school for comment.
If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732, text 0458 737 732, or visit . In an emergency, call 000.
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One thought on “Offensive list ranking girls at elite Victorian school ‘utterly unacceptable’, premier says”
  1. As a woman, I find this behavior utterly unacceptable. It’s disheartening to see young men engaging in such misogynistic acts. Respect towards women needs to be taught and practiced from a young age. My thoughts are with the affected female students, and I hope the school takes necessary actions to address this issue seriously.

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