Nigel Farage is back: Brexit champion to stand in UK election

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun9,2024
Nigel Farage says he will stand as a candidate in next month’s election and will lead the populist Reform Party in a major blow to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.
The background: Farage’s return to active politics poses a significant challenge to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party, which is already trailing behind Labour in the polls. His candidacy aims to attract disillusioned voters and reshape the political landscape, potentially diverting votes from the Conservatives.

Key Quote: “We are going to be the voice of opposition, and I tell you what, I have done it before, I’ll do it again, I’ll surprise everybody,” Farage declared.

What Else to Know: Farage will contest the parliamentary seat in Clacton, Essex, a pro-Brexit area. Despite previously standing unsuccessfully for parliament seven times, he remains influential.

What Comes Next: Farage’s candidacy will likely intensify competition in the upcoming election. Sunak has already attempted to appeal to Reform-leaning voters with policies like tax cuts for pensioners and reintroducing national service. Farage’s impact on the election remains to be seen, with one betting company giving him a 40 per cent chance of winning the Clacton seat.

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