Hey! News outlets are pressuring Biden and Trump to hash out those debates in public!

Jamie Roberts By Jamie Roberts Jun7,2024

A coalition of media outlets published a statement Sunday urging President Biden and former President Trump to publicly commit to debates ahead of the November election.

“General election debates have a rich tradition in our American democracy, having played a vital role in every presidential election of the past 50 years, dating to 1976,” the news organizations wrote. “In each of those elections, tens of millions have tuned in to watch the candidates debating side by side, in a competition of ideas for the votes of American citizens.”

The group noted that the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, which has sponsored the debates since 1988, has already announced dates, times, and eligibility criteria for 2024 debates, and urged the candidates to make their decision about participating now.

“Though it is too early for invitations to be extended to any candidates, it is not too early for candidates who expect to meet the eligibility criteria to publicly state their support for – and their intention to participate in – the Commission’s debates planned for this fall,” the outlets wrote.

“If there is one thing Americans can agree on during this polarized time, it is that the stakes of this election are exceptionally high,” they added. “Amidst that backdrop, there is simply no substitute for the candidates debating with each other, and before the American people, their visions for the future of our nation.”

Biden and Trump both earned enough delegates to clinch their respective primaries earlier this year — paving the way for a rematch of the 2020 election.

The former president has also put pressure on Biden to agree to a debate, saying he would meet “any time, any place.” His campaign wrote to the commission earlier this week, requesting them to move up the timeline for the planned debates.

Trump, who was absent from the GOP debate stage this cycle, has argued the two presumptive nominees have “an obligation” to face off ahead of the election, adding that it is “for the good of our country.”

The incumbent has not ruled out debates but said last month that his decision is dependent on Trump’s behavior.

In their request, the group of media outlets willed the two candidates to make their decision sooner rather than later.

The outlets include ABC News, The Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, C-Span, NPR and PBS Newshour, among others. NewsNation, owned by The Hill’s parent company Nexstar Media Group, also signed onto the statement.

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Jamie Roberts

By Jamie Roberts

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  1. It is crucial that Biden and Trump publicly commit to participating in debates. The American people deserve to hear their visions for the future of our nation.

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