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Nebraska substitute teacher and 17-year-old student found naked in her car

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May27,2024

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Neb. (TCD) — A married substitute teacher stands accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old student after she was caught naked with him in a vehicle over the weekend.

According to a press release from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, in the early hours of Saturday, April 13, deputies responded to the 10200 block of North 189th Street about a suspicious vehicle parked on a dead-end road. At the scene, deputies found two people in the back seat of a gray 2015 Honda Pilot.

A 17-year-old reportedly moved to the driver’s seat and drove away from deputies, crashing into a yard about two blocks away. The sheriff’s office said the teen got out of the car and fled on foot naked.

Deputies located Erin Ward as she was putting her clothes on in the back seat of the SUV, which was owned by Ward and her husband. Ward reportedly worked as a substitute teacher at Burke High School in the Omaha Public School District. She told deputies she had sex with the 17-year-old, who was a student at the same high school where she worked.

At around 4 a.m., deputies found the 17-year-old in a nearby neighborhood wearing only boxers, socks, and a T-shirt.

According to the sheriff’s office, officials transported the teen to a “safe place to receive care and be interviewed.”

Ward and the victim received medical care from the minor crash and the flight on foot.

Ward was booked into the Douglas County Department of Corrections on one count of felony sexual abuse by a school employee.

KETV-TV published a statement released by the Burke High School principal that reads, “We are writing to share that law enforcement has arrested a metro-area substitute teacher for inappropriate conduct with a minor. The individual worked at Burke High several days during the 2023-24 school year. They will not be returning to our school or any others in our district.”

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Nebraska substitute teacher and 17-year-old student found naked in her car”
  1. It’s absolutely appalling that a teacher, someone who is supposed to protect and guide students, would engage in such inappropriate behavior. The victim should receive the necessary support and Ward must face severe consequences for her actions.

  2. It’s appalling to hear about such misconduct from a teacher, who is supposed to be a role model for students. The student’s well-being and safety should always be the top priority in any educational environment.

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