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‘My mum went in hysterics after I abandoned my family for my honeymoon – was I wrong?’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun6,2024

A woman who had a destination wedding was branded “ungrateful” by her mother for “abandoning” her family after the ceremony to go on her honeymoon.

But the bride argued that her mother had upset her in the first place by inviting people she disliked to her nuptials, which prompted the newlyweds to jet off elsewhere.

The woman took to the social media platform Reddit to ask fellow internet users whether she did anything wrong.

Posting on the “Am I The A**hole” board, she wrote: “We had our wedding at an all inclusive. It was beautiful and since we were having a small wedding it was cheaper than having a big wedding in town. We chose one with very inexpensive flights and subsidised any guest who wanted to come but might have trouble covering the cost.”

The newlywed explained she had planned for her 50 guests to reach the destination before the wedding, relax in the sun for a few days and then celebrate the nuptials.

But, acting behind the bride and groom’s back, her mother made different arrangements, the newlywed claimed.

The woman wrote: “My mother got it into her head that this should be a family reunion. She didn’t want my new husband’s family there so her plan was to contact our side of the family and tell them to shift their reservations so that they would be coming later and staying after the wedding. She also invited other people for after the wedding.”

The woman, who only found out about her mother’s move because the hotel informed her about some of the guests’ requests, said: “I was upset but my mum goes into hysterics if confronted. My husband and I decided to just roll with it.”

After the wedding went “beautifully”, husband and wife decided to make their own honeymoon plans, leave the resort and vacation on the Pacific Ocean.

Recalling her mother’s reaction, the newlywed said: “My mom blew up my phone wondering where we were. I told her we went on our honeymoon in Baja California. She lost her s**t. She had told everyone that I was cool with the plan. I missed the hysterics which I appreciated.

“She is still upset and said I was ungrateful and childish after all she did. I bit my tongue instead of yelling at her for inviting people I dislike to my wedding. And on my honeymoon.”

The post attracted the attention of many on the social media website and, within just hours, gathered more than 600 comments – most of which sided with the newlywed.

One Reddit user wrote: “[The mum] tried to hijack her own daughter’s wedding for her own agenda/event. How can she be mad that when you didn’t ‘know’ (as far as she was concerned by deliberately not telling you) about her plans, you went on a honeymoon somewhere else?”

Another said: “Who on earth thinks that a couple wants to spend their honeymoon at a reunion?”

And a third wrote: “LOL after ‘all she did’, she’s lucky you’re still speaking to her. She tried to hijack your destination wedding, which you helped others pay to attend! What kind of person does that?”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “‘My mum went in hysterics after I abandoned my family for my honeymoon – was I wrong?’”
  1. My mum went in hysterics after I abandoned my family for my honeymoon – was I wrong? As a newlywed, I believe I had every right to be upset with my mother’s interference. She crossed a boundary by changing our wedding plans without my consent. Going on our honeymoon was our chance to have a special time together as a couple after the wedding, and I don’t think I was wrong to prioritize that.

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