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Is Mike Johnson Going Full Neocon? It Sure Seems Like Nikki Haley Could Be the Next House Speaker!

Alex Thompson By Alex Thompson May19,2024 #finance

In a speech that Nikki Haley would endorse 100 percent, Speaker Mike Johnson begs the House to approve more aid to Ukraine and Israel to the tune of $95 billion total.

Mike Johnson Gives Impassioned Ukraine Speech

Newsweek reports Mike Johnson Gives Impassioned Ukraine Speech as He Defies MAGA

Speaker Mike Johnson said he will “take personal risk” by pushing ahead with his plans for a House vote on foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, as fellow Republican representatives continue to call for him to vacate the chair.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on sending additional aid to Ukraine and Israel on Saturday as part of the $95 billion military funding. The package is divided into four bills, the third issuing funding for Taiwan. The fourth includes sanctions on Russia, China and Iran as well as measures to allow the seizing of frozen Russian central bank assets to aid Ukraine.

Following the publishing of the draft legislation, President Joe Biden said in a statement that he “strongly” supported the package and called on the House and Senate to back the bills.

“I will sign this into law immediately to send a message to the world: we stand with our friends, and we won’t let Iran or Russia succeed,” Biden said.

Full Metamorphosis

The Wall Street Journal reports Mike Johnson Opposed Ukraine Aid. Then He Risked His Job for It.

“I really do believe the intel and in the briefings that we’ve gotten,” Johnson said. “I believe Xi [Jinping] and Vladimir Putin and Iran really are an axis of evil,” warning that Russia could march west across Europe if not stopped now. “To put it bluntly, I would rather send bullets to Ukraine than American boys.”

That is a false dichotomy.

One does not have to make a choice between sending bullets or men to Ukraine. One could easily do neither or both.

Sending bullets does not preclude further stupidity such as sending troops.

Johnson’s Axis of Evil Rant

“This is a critical time right now, a critical time on the world stage. I can make a selfish decision and do something that’s different but I’m doing here what I believe to be the right thing.”

“I think providing lethal aid to Ukraine right now is critically important. I really do. I really do believe the intel and the briefings that we’ve gotten. I believe Xi, Vladimir Putin and Iran really are an axis of evil. I think they’re in coordination on it.”

“So I think that Vladimir Putin would continue to march through Europe if he were allowed. I think he might go to the Balkans next. I think he might have a showdown with Poland or one of our NATO allies.”

“To put it bluntly, I would rather send bullets to Ukraine than American boys. My son is going to begin in the Naval Academy this fall. This is a live-fire exercise for me as it is so many American families. This is not a game, this is not a joke.”

Dave Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s former budget director, blasted Mike Johnson for his speech.

From Stockman

This is why Speaker Johnson must go. His statement is laced with neocon paranoia, stupidity, lies and hollow excuses for warmongering. Putin has no interest in molesting the Poles, to say nothing of storming the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. And Russia has a GDP of $2.2 trillion versus NATO’s $45 trillion.

China’s $50 trillion debt-ridden Ponzi would collapse in months if its $3.5 trillion flow of export earnings were disrupted by an attempting landing by its single modern aircraft carrier on the California coast. And Iran has no nukes, no intercontinental range missiles and a GDP equal to 130 hours of US annual output.

Some Axis of evil!

When House Republicans booted Kevin McCarthy for Mike Johnson, I confidently predicted Johnson would be no better and might prove to be much worse.

The results are now in. Johnson is proven much worse. To get deals, Johnson has even agreed to expand Child Tax Credits.

Not even Nikki Haley would have done that.

Child Tax Credit Expansion

On January 27, I asked How Much Will That GOP Deal on Child Tax Credits Really Cost?

We have a new number on the deal the House Republicans agreed to. It’s $1.5 trillion over ten years. That does not include an Affordable Housing giveaway.

It’s possible that deal dies in the Senate. But time and time again Johnson has given into progressive demands.

What is the Best Way to Help Israel and Ukraine?

On April 16, I asked What is the Best Way to Help Israel and Ukraine?

See if you agree with my answer.

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  1. As an avid reader of political news, it is interesting to see the shift in Speaker Mike Johnson’s stance regarding foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel. It’s commendable that he is willing to ‘take personal risk’ to push forward this important legislation. Let’s hope the House votes in support of aiding our allies.

  2. Is Mike Johnson going full neocon? Why is Speaker Mike Johnson defying fellow Republican representatives on this issue?

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