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Mexico stage collapse: At least five dead and dozens injured at presidential rally

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun9,2024

At least five people have died after a high gust of wind toppled part of the stage at a campaign rally Wednesday evening in northern Mexico, sending a long-shot Mexican presidential candidate running for safety. More than 50 other people have been reported injured.

Candidate Jorge Alvarez Maynez wrote in his social media accounts that he went to a hospital after the accident at a campaign rally in the wealthy suburb of San Pedro Garza Garcia, near the city of Monterrey. He said there were “victims,” but did not say how many or how badly they were hurt.

Alvarez Maynez wrote that he was “well,” but did not specify why he went to the hospital.

“The only important thing at this point is to care for the victims of the accident,” he wrote.

Samuel Garcia, the governor of the northern border state of Nuevo Leon and a leading member of Alvarez Maynez’s Citizens Movement party, said in a taped statement that “unfortunately, there are (people) injured.”

Miguel Trevino, the mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia, wrote in his social media accounts that “there are people reported trapped and injured. My prayers are with the victims.”

Garcia said the “strong winds blew down a stage at a campaign closer.” Such events are being held this week and next in anticipation of the June 2 presidential, state and municipal elections.

Video of the accident posted on social media showed Maynez waving his arm as the crowd chanted his name. But then he looked up to see a giant screen and metal structure toppling toward him.

Alvarez Maynez ran very rapidly toward the back of the stage to avoid the falling structure, which appeared to consist of relatively light framework pieces as well as what appeared to be a screen with the party’s logo and theater-style lights.

Alvarez Maynez has been running third in polls in the presidential race, trailing both front-runner Claudia Sheinbaum of the ruling Morena Party, and opposition coalition candidate Xochitl Galvez.

The campaign has so far been plagued by the killings of about two dozen candidates for local offices. But it has not been marred by campaign accidents.

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By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. It’s truly heartbreaking to hear about the tragic incident at the presidential rally in Mexico. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and the injured. Let’s hope for a swift recovery for those affected by this terrible accident.

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