Marine Le Pen Set for Record Win, Macron Calls Snap French Election

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun10,2024 #finance

The French President and the German Chancellor both suffered record defeats in the European Parliament election. Macron calls a surprise parliamentary election after defeat.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

I called the record defeat of French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and the demise of the Greens, So did others.

I don’t believe anyone called for snap French elections.

Winners and Losers

Winners: The Far Right

Losers: Renew Europe (Macron), and the Greens.

Marine Le Pen Set for Record Win

Bloomberg has this live update on the elections.

  • Macron calls a surprise parliamentary election after defeat
  • Center-right EPP on track to remain as the EU’s biggest party
  • Far right make gains, while support for Greens falters
  • German chancellor set for record defeat, poll shows
  • Le Pen beating Macron by 17 points, French exit poll shows

The only surprise in that set is point number one.

The rise of nationalists, of demagogues, is a danger for our nation, but also for our Europe, for France’s place in Europe and the world,” said Marcon in a televised announcement.

In Germany …

A senior AfD official said in a panel on German TV that his party will reach out to Le Pen on Monday to try and restore ties with her group, Identity and Democracy.

The AfD was expelled from ID after their lead candidate for the EU vote — Maximilian Krah — said in an interview with an Italian newspaper that not all members of the Nazi SS paramilitary organization were criminals.

The party is set to hold 16 seats in the new EU parliament, so that would provide a boost for ID and offer a signal that the far-right groups are able to put their differences aside and act together.

Marine Le Pen would be wise to turn this down.

Yet, look at the result, Nazi sympathizers in Germany managed to get 16 seats.

Too Radical Is Too Radical

It’s looking like a good night for far-right parties in lots of countries, even if they will most likely fall short of a dramatic breakthrough. But one of the more established far-right groups is having a bad night.

The Finns Party, a junior member of the ruling coalition in Helsinki, is set to halve its backing to just under 8%, a result party leader and Finance Minister Riikka Purra called “extremely poor.” With more than 90% of ballots already counted, Prime Minister Petteri Orpo’s center-right National Coalition is headed for victory.

[Too radical is too radical except in Germany and Bulgaria where…]

A party that wants Bulgaria out of NATO won 15% of the vote, almost six times more than it had when the current [Bulgarian] political crisis began.

Existential Fight and an Act of Trust

Here’s my hoot of the day: Macron presented the election as an existential fight for the continent and pivotal for Ukraine’s battle against Vladimir Putin.

French President Emmanuel Macron called a snap legislative election after the far right pummeled mainstream parties in France as well as Germany in a European Parliament vote.

“The president can’t remain deaf to the message sent by the French people,” Jordan Bardella, the head of the National Rally, told supporters after the results were announced. “We solemnly ask him to take note of this new political situation, to come back to the French people and organize new legislative elections.”

The first round will be held on June 30, with a second round on July 7, Macron said in a televised address.

This is a serious and weighty decision, but above all it is an act of trust,” Macron said. “Confidence in you, my dear compatriots, in the ability of the French people to make the right choice for themselves.”

Act of Trust or Act of Desperation?

Macron called for French parliament elections only, not presidential elections.

But if he gets blown out in the Parliamentary elections he will have zero chance of doing anything.

Hmm. Is this a desperate act to pin the blame on Parliament for whatever happens next? Macron himself cannot run again so why not?

As expected in this corner, it appears Current European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will stay in power.

However, her primary agenda will shift away from Green silliness to a focus on China.

For a look at how I called this in advance, please see European Parliament Election Update and the “Anything to Stay in Power” Play

Meanwhile, Back in the States

Does the “anything to stay in power play” sound vaguely familiar?

Biden is flouting the Supreme Court again on student aid, making promises that are not his to make on housing down payments, was involved in a kangaroo court to convict Trump, and is shielding Hunter Biden as much as he can.

Despite Trump being convicted and Biden calling him a felon, Trump is still ahead in the polls.

Regarding student debt, please see Student Debt Cancellation Is Extremely Unfair. Here Are 10 Reasons Why.

Regarding the sham trial, please see Trump Found Guilty – a Travesty of Justice for America

Trump was found guilty of a crime, but can anyone say what it is? Prosecutorial misconduct is dripping. It’s the judge, not Trump who belongs in prison.

I expect the conviction to be overturned.

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