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Mannheim stabbing: Tensions boil over as protestors take to the streets

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun7,2024

Chaos broke out in Mannheim after political activists from the left and right clashed over the death of a German policeman on Sunday, as anger gripped the city.

Far-right protestors were accused of trying to cynically exploit the tragic death of a policeman in Mannheim for political gain ahead of the EU elections by left-wing activists.

On Sunday a 29-year-old policeman died of his injuries after being attacked by an Afghan immigrant.

The incident took place last week during an anti-Islam rally held by a group calling itself Pax Europa.

Another five people, including the event’s organiser Michael Stürzenberger, received knife wounds as 25-year-old Sulaiman Ataee went on the rampage.

The death of the police officer has sent shockwaves through the German political establishment and led to an outpouring of angst and sorrow.

It is also stirring up political tensions in Germany ahead of European parliamentary elections later this week.

Youth activists of the far-right political party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) took to the streets of Mannheim on Sunday to call for stricter asylum and migration policies.

AfD MP Nicole Höchst said: “People who come here and don’t appreciate our hospitality have to leave.

“And we need to finally have a conversation about that too.”

A counter-demonstration was organised by left-wing activists, who held a vigil against hate and violence.

Greens MP Gerhard Fontagnier denounced the AfD’s narrative, accusing them of using the tragic incident as a political weapon.

He said: “It is simply undemocratic. That’s why we’re here today.”

Later on, fighting broke out between the two sides, forcing police to intervene.

Immigration is likely to be a key factor in the upcoming European elections, with growing majorities of the public concerned about the issue.

A recent poll conducted by Politico shows immigration as the second most important area after the economy for voters.

Fifty-six percent of German respondents in the poll agreed with the proposition that the EU needed to implement “stricter immigration control”.

Far-right parties are expected to make big gains in the forthcoming elections, which could have profound consequences for the EU’s future.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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