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Man pleads guilty to killing, dismembering man and seeing if someone ‘could put him back together’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun8,2024

BILOXI, Miss. (TCD) — A judge sentenced a 45-year-old man to life in prison for fatally stabbing a man with a butcher knife over 30 times in a laundromat and dismembering him.

WLOX-TV reports Clint Brower pleaded guilty Monday, June 3, to first-degree murder for the stabbing death of Micah Harrington in a local laundromat in May 2020.

On May 26, 2020, Biloxi Police officers responded to a stabbing call at the laundromat inside the Mazalea Travel Park and found Harrington suffering from knife-related injuries. Harrington was pronounced deceased at the scene, and police later arrested Brower on suspicion of first-degree murder.

According to WLOX, Brower was also doing laundry and believed Harrington was “going to harm me or others” because he claimed Harrington was “moving in a threatening way.” Brower took a butcher’s knife out of his bag and stabbed Harrington more than 30 times and severed his arm. After Harrington died, Brower reportedly bound the body with rope and moved it outside because he believed the Beau Rivage Casino “could put him back together.”

Brower reportedly said at the hearing, “I took the knife and I killed him.”

The Biloxi Sun Herald reports Brower’s attorney, Michael Crosby, said after Brower was arrested, “Clint has struggled with mental issues his whole life. His mother and sister have done everything humanly possible to try and get him help.”

Brower was reportedly taken into custody the same day as the killing on outstanding warrant for disorderly conduct, but police dropped him back off at the RV park where he and Harrington both lived. Biloxi Police reportedly said Brower appeared calm that day and did not show any signs of intent to harm anyone.

According to WLOX, Brower said he was “truly sorry for what happened” and that it was “beyond my control.”

Harrington’s daughter, Micara Harrington, told WLOX she and her father had recently repaired their relationship and they were “best friends.”

Just a week before he was killed, Harrington bought a camper for his daughter. Micara Harrington said, “He wanted to fix it up and we were going to live together. I spent my whole life wanting to live with my dad, then the moment it was about to happen, it got taken away from me.”

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