Malaga to launch ‘three-phase’ attack on holiday homes following massive tourism rise

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun11,2024

Malaga, the stunning city in the region of Andalusia, is cracking down on holiday rentals amid widespread anti-overtourism protests in several Spanish vacation hotspots.

The local government announced it is just months away from releasing a three-phase plan aimed at regulating holiday homes.

The first measure has already been unveiled, and consists of green-lighting as short-term lets only properties that have a separate entrance.

The government is now checking whether the applications for holiday rental properties submitted since February, around 800, comply with this rule – and banning from operating those who don’t.

Local governments across Andalusia have been empowered to limit holiday lets by a decree approved in early 2024 by the regional junta. 

Malaga city mayor Francisco de la Torre said this first measure aims at “tempering” the fast-paced growth of tourist housing in the city.

As nearly 9,000 properties are registered as tourist rentals, Mr De la Torre said of the regulation: “It should not be seen as bad news. It is something positive because whoever wants to rent the house has the option of renting it for more than a year.”

Malaga’s town hall is also drafting a report of the already existing holiday lets in the city to identify the neighbourhoods with the highest concentration of short-term rentals.

The outcome of this report will likely prompt a change in the general planning and define which limitations to set and where.

Mr De la Torre said: “This generates a situation of calm and restraint because the volume of tourist housing is reaching high numbers, this is the reality. We recognise the important role of tourism and of this accommodation offer, but it must grow in harmony and coexistence. And this way it will be easier.”

This comes as Malaga experienced in 2023 the best year for tourism in its history, with some 14 million people flocking to the province – a 12 percent rise when compared to figures from 2022.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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