Majorca beach club collapse victim named and pictured as four dead in holiday hell

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun11,2024

Just one day before the tragic accident, the Medusa Beach Club social media team on Instagram posted a photo of their new rooftop bar with the caption: “Totally different. New rooftop.”

As well as Abdoulaye Diop, the others that died are belived to have been three women, according to local media.

One is believed to have worked with Dop at the beach, while the other two have been described locally as female tourists.

At least 10 people are feared to still be trapped under the rubble as emergency crews urged onlookers at the scene to be silent, while they listened for any sounds from potential survivors trapped in the rubble.

Palma Town Hall has announced a three-day mourning period as the rescue operation continues.

Eder Garcia, the head of Palma Fire Brigade, provided an update from the scene overnight, saying: “The names of the victims including the survivors and their degrees of injury are known. There are several nationalities and what we know is that most are not from Palma.

“A lot of the names are foreign names but we don’t know yet whether they include staff who were working there or whether they were visitors but we expect many will be tourists.”

He further added: “We received the first call around 8pm. The first floor terrace has collapsed, probably due to excess weight although it’s still under investigation, and it’s impacted on an arch below which has also come down and affected the basement where there was a table football table and there were people eating.”

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  1. Who was responsible for ensuring the safety of the rooftop bar before this tragic accident occurred?

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