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Magaluf businesses say tourist clampdown ‘doesn’t go far enough’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May22,2024

Business owners in Magaluf are “sick and tired of” tourists crowding the popular holiday destination. They have hit out at tourists after the Balearic Islands’ government launched a fresh crackdown on booze-fuelled holidays this week.

The business owners claimed that tourists were destroying their “paradise”, declaring: “It’s gone on too long”

They have accused drunk British of treating the “beautiful” island with no respect and claimed the authorities were not doing enough to help – despite enforcing stricter drinking rules, reports MailOnline

Sergio Taltavull, whose family owns the Casa Diego restaurant in Magaluf, said: “It’s pretty bad. It’s all about drinking and partying. There are no families. We need more families. It’s all about the culture of getting drunk and partying.

“Most of the tourists treat the island very badly. I have seen the degradation over the years, it’s very bad.

The 32-year-old, whose restaurant was away from the chaos on the strip, said the government “had to bring the rules in”, adding: “It’s gone on too long and we have to live here. I have worked here all my life, I am from Majorca. The island is paradise, but we have to change the tourist culture.

“The government is trying, but let’s see if it works. We want more families, tourists and less drunk people and less partying. We want what we had before.”

Partygoers in the Majorcan areas of Palma, Llucmajor and Magaluf as well as San Antonio in Ibiza now face penalties of between €500 and €1,500 (£430 and £1,290) if their street drinking “disrupts coexistence, involves crowds or deteriorates the tranquillity of the environment”.

Party boats are no longer permitted to get closer than one nautical mile (1.852 km) of the designated areas and they have been banned from picking up or dropping off passengers.

Restaurant owner Sharon Green, who is originally from the UK but has lived and worked in Majorca for 40 years, said: “The BCM nightclub closes at 6am in the morning and then they all walk past here when they go home.

“We then come on a Sunday morning and they wee in the corner or they do number two’s or they have sex in the corner.

“People come to Magaluf and think Magaluf is free and you can do what they want and nobody says nothing. These people don’t do it where they live, do they?”

Ms Green, who owns the Meson Can Miguel restaurant with her husband Raphael, added: “They treat it very disrespectfully and they walk around half-naked which they shouldn’t be allowed to do. It’s more the girls. They walk round in their little bikinis with everything out and that shouldn’t be allowed.

“They say boys can’t walk around without t-shirts on which is ridiculous when the girls can walk round naked. They get drunk and they cause damage. I wouldn’t put it down to the Brits, it’s tourists in general. Most youngsters when they are in a group and they drink they cause problems because they are very brave. When they are on their own they are like little lambs.”

The new decree comes after the government warned rowdy tourists that they would face punishments under tougher sanctions.

Up to €16million (£13.7million) will be spent on enforcing the street drinking ban as well as on security, inspections and educating tourists on ‘excessive tourism’.

The strict rules, which also prohibit tourists from organising drinking parties in public, spraying graffiti, riding scooters and displaying nudity, are set to stay in place until at least December 2027 – by which point the government hopes the law will no longer be necessary.

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  1. Business owners in Magaluf are fed up with tourists who are destroying their paradise. The authorities need to do more to stop the culture of excessive drinking and partying on the island. It’s time for a change to bring back a more family-friendly atmosphere.

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