Mac users are the biggest snobs, new study finds

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun8,2024

Indeed, 91% said their Mac is better than other rivals and three quarters believe they don’t need to have them deep cleaned as often as other computers. This is even though British adults have an average of 601 unread emails and 262 unused apps or folders – meaning that 42% have a machine that is running slowly.

In a bid to jolt them out of complacency, the makers of Mac clean up app CleanMyMac X, has challenged users to sit through a nine-hour video showing a computer being cleared of junk manually in real time.

They issued the challenge after research by the app’s developer MacPaw revealed that 57% of computer owners believed it would take them less than an hour to restore their device to mint condition. In fact, if a machine is more than a year old it could take days.

The app, developed in Ukraine, cleans, protects and speeds up Macs with a one button solution which safely scans every inch of its system and removes gigabytes of junk, large hidden files, old archives, unused apps and malware.

Now MacPaw is daring to Mac users to watch a multi-feature length video called the ‘Deep Clean’ to show just how tedious it is to manually rid computers of viruses, dodgy old apps, files of junk and hundreds of emails.

Running at eight hours, 57 minutes and 15 seconds, the advert is just 20 minutes shy of the time it would take to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy back-to-back.

So confident that it is the tech equivalent of watching paint dry, MacPaw will give anyone who manages to endure it all in one sitting 30% off CleanMyMac X – as they are sure to never want to go through the mind-numbing procedure in real life.

Oleksii Myronenko, Product Manager at MacPaw, whose products are used by 30million people worldwide, said: “Most people in the UK use a computer that’s more than a year old, meaning it’s accumulated tons of system junk, duplicate files and vast swathes of useless documents and old tickets you don’t need anymore. All of this makes your device run more slowly, but we found that many Mac users believe their computers don’t need cleaning.

“We created this video not because we want to send people to sleep, but to show just how laborious it is to clean your own device without any help.”

Elsewhere the research revealed that 87% of the 1,000 adults polled believe tech innovation has made life so much easier by freeing up time. It has – 11 hours a day in fact – from time-savers like online shopping and being able to hold multiple conversations over WhatsApp rather than making individual phone calls.

It would be a shame to pay it back by spending days doing a manual clean up instead of pushing a button.

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