Las Vegas teacher allegedly ‘body-slammed’ young child into cot, abused other kids at school

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun19,2024

LAS VEGAS (TCD) — A 33-year-old day care teacher stands accused of “body-slamming” a student into a cot during nap time, as well as slapping and abusing children.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a report on April 1 alleging that a student suffered abuse at a learning institution, identified by KVVU-TV as Shenker Academy. A mother said Eryka Westover “body-slammed” her daughter, according to KLAS-TV.

Class assistants allegedly shared video of the incident to the mother from Feb. 5, showing Westover becoming upset and slamming the child into a sleeping cot. Westover is reportedly heard on video saying, “Yes, I just body-slammed you. You’re fine. Go to bed.”

Westover allegedly swaddled the toddler to the point of immobilization because she was hard to put to sleep. According to a report obtained by KLAS, Shenker Academy doesn’t allow swaddling because they use the “love and logic” approach when kids misbehave.

The class assistants reportedly received complaints from the children and noticed that Westover slapped and pinched students.

During one incident, the children were outside playing with water, and a student didn’t want to be sprayed. Westover allegedly used a hose on the child, causing him to fall to the ground. When the child fell or got hurt, Westover would allegedly throw and kick balls at him and say, “That’s what you get” or “He deserved it.”

According to KVVU, one child with a speech delay allegedly went home and said phrases like “Don’t touch me,” “Don’t hit me,” and “Leave me alone.” The kid also reportedly said someone was pinching her at school for being a “bad listener.”

Concerned parents wrote a note to the school regarding Westover’s alleged actions and said their children “repeatedly begged” not to attend school, KVVU reports.

In the letter, the parents reportedly said 3- and 4-year-old children were forced to run laps after “exhibiting completely age-appropriate behavior.” The letter also claimed the kids allegedly suffered bruises, welts, and cuts.

According to a report reviewed by KLAS, when the kids misbehaved, Westover reportedly screamed at them or pulled them to the ground when they were instructed to sit.

A video also reportedly captured a child saying, “Ouchie, ouchie” and yelling for her mother as Westover is patting her “aggressively.”

Westover allegedly told authorities she never had issues with students before, but the students born during COVID were difficult.

According to KLAS, officials confronted Westover about slamming the toddler into the cot, and she admitted she was angry and her tone was “not the best.” Westover also reportedly told investigators she couldn’t recall saying, “Yes, I body-slammed you.”

On May 17, detectives took Westover into custody and booked her into the Clark County Detention Center on a charge of felony child abuse or neglect.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. I am absolutely disgusted by this teacher’s behavior! No child should ever be subjected to such abuse. It’s heartbreaking to think about what those poor kids had to endure. I hope justice is served swiftly and that measures are taken to prevent this from happening again.

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