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Kim Jong-Un’s sex life laid bare with teens plucked from classrooms for tyrant

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May11,2024

Kim Jong-Un‘s twisted sex life has been laid bare by claims the North Korean dictator has a “pleasure squad” of 25 virgins and train packed with female “conductors”. Defectors who have escaped the tyrant’s repressive regime have claimed girls are taken from classrooms, checked if they are virgins and forced into sexual slavery at the whim of Jong-Un.

Yeonmi Park, 30, claimed officials visit schools and go into playgrounds on a chilling hunt for young women of a certain social status deemed suitable.

After intimate examinations, the youngsters are then told how to please men, according to MailOnline. Ms Park claimed: “That’s their only goal.”

The girls are recruited into Jong-Un’s squad of concubines, with those considered most attractive reserved exclusively for the North Korean leader.

Some members of Jong-Un‘s “pleasure squad” are reported to have been as young as 13 when they were plucked from schools and forced to work for the tyrant.

Ms Park revealed the group is divided into three parts: one is reserved for massages, a second entertains with song and dance with a third kept to be “sexually intimate” with Jong-Un and other men.

In 2020, The Sun put the number of women and girls in the group at 2,000, forced to sing, dance and take part in orgies for the country’s elite.

Former military musician Lee So-yeon, who fled North Korea to South Korea in 2008, claimed dancers and singers were forced to provide sex services for the country’s Central Politburo.

She told Bloomberg North Korea’s “art troupe” came here and performed with fancy dances and songs, but not only do they have to be in charge of Kim Jong-Un’s propaganda, they also have to go to parties and provide sexual services.

Ms So-yeon added: “These parties are held every day for the Central Politburo. And even if they don’t want this they have to serve with their bodies, like a human rights infringement.

“The women there, when they attend, they have to undress. They are asked to undress like objects. That’s the physical pain they have to go through.”

Jong-Un is also said to have a “pleasure train” full of strippers and female “conductors”. It is reportedly a venue for parties where the Korean leader is surrounded by “tall and beautiful virgins”.

The young women are reported to be aged between 13 and 25 and must be taller than 1.65metres, according to a 2020 report by DimSum Daily.

In 2017, a woman told The Mirror while North Koreans are forced to eat bark and grass to survive, the leader dines on delicacies including bird saliva soup and caviar served by teenage sex slaves.

Hee Yeon, whose name was changed by the newspaper, recalled regime officials touring schools and public spaces to find girls “with straight legs” to work at one of his mansions.

She said the girls were taught to serve Jon-Un, give him massages and please him sexually. Ms Yeon said: “Yes, they have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear.”

Despite being married, Jong-Un is understood to have had a string of affairs, including with a North Korean pop star believed to have given birth to a love child.

Hyon Song-wol was in a girl band, but now works in the leader’s personal secretariat. It had been thought Song-wol had been executed by firing squad in 2013 after charges of pornography were brought against her.

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  1. It’s horrifying to read about the atrocities committed by Kim Jong-Un’s regime. The exploitation and abuse of these young girls is beyond comprehension. The international community must take action to bring justice and put an end to such heinous acts.

  2. Kim Jong-Un’s actions are atrocious and show a complete disregard for human rights. No one should be forced into such degrading and inhumane situations. The world needs to take a stand against these barbaric practices.

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