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Joe Biden vs Joe Biden on Tariffs, a Green Trade War Is Underway

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May30,2024 #finance

Joe Biden’s changing story of tariffs would be funny if it was not so damaging. The president announced huge new tariffs today.

The Above Tweet was from June 11, 2019.

Today, president Biden blasted China with huge new tariffs.

Fact Sheet

Please consider today’s Fact Sheet Announcement: President Biden Takes Action to Protect American Workers and Businesses from China’s Unfair Trade Practices

President Biden’s economic plan is supporting investments and creating good jobs in key sectors that are vital for America’s economic future and national security. China’s unfair trade practices concerning technology transfer, intellectual property, and innovation are threatening American businesses and workers. China is also flooding global markets with artificially low-priced exports. In response to China’s unfair trade practices and to counteract the resulting harms, today, President Biden is directing his Trade Representative to increase tariffs under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 on $18 billion of imports from China to protect American workers and businesses.

Biden Increases Trump Tariffs by 60 Percent

Lumber Tariffs

Cheaper Houses? Who Needs Em?

Lumber Flashback

Is Canada a National Security Threat?

Easy to Be Tough

Understanding the Basics

What About Mattresses?

That’s a good question. For the answer, please see Having Trouble Sleeping? Can You Afford a New Mattress?

Protectionists want 745% tariffs on mattresses. Prepare to pay much more despite having the highest prices in the world already.

I Wonder What These People Are Saying Today
Kurt Eichenwald on DimWit Don

Ted Lieu Reality Check

Aaron Rupar

My Position is Clear

I was against tariffs then, and I am against them now.

MishTalk Flashback March 2, 2018: Trump Tweets “Trade Wars are Good and Easy to Win”

It’s impossible to make a reasonable case there is a national security threat over steel. Our imports come from Canada, not China!

Steel Glut a Good Thing!

By the way, a glut of steel is a good thing. It lowers costs and makes thing more affordable.

Standards of living rise when products are more easily affordable!

Trade Wars Not Winnable

Those who say trade wars are winnable aren’t thinking, they’re spouting nonsense.

Economic Madness

The bottom line is simple: If its good for the consumer, it’s good policy. Instead, Trump is promoting trade wars that mathematically cannot be won.

Trump Clueless About Trade

My position has been consistent. Terrible trade policies are terrible trade policies, no matter who does them.

For a mathematical explanation of trade deficits, please see Trump’s Tariffs Show He’s “Clueless About Trade”.

Also consider Disputing Trump’s NAFTA “Catastrophe” with Pictures: What’s the True Source of Trade Imbalances?

Big Green Trade War Is Underway

In case you missed it, please see my post earlier today BYD Unveils the “Shark” a Plug-in Hybrid Pickup Truck Built in Mexico

Also see Biden Wants EVs so Badly That He Will Quadruple Tariffs on Them

Astute readers will immediately notice the title of this post makes no sense. It’s not supposed to. But it is exactly what President Biden is doing.

A big green trade war has started. The result will be higher prices for cars, solar panels, even lumber, and housing.

It Trump was clueless, what does that make Biden who took Trump’s policies and escalated them?

Finally, what are the big Biden fans saying now?

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One thought on “Joe Biden vs Joe Biden on Tariffs, a Green Trade War Is Underway”
  1. I find President Biden’s decision to increase tariffs on imports from China to protect American workers and businesses to be a necessary step in addressing the unfair trade practices and protecting our national security. It’s important to prioritize our economic future and ensure a level playing field for all. This move shows a firm stance against China’s actions and supports the interests of American workers.

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