Jay Slater search update as police narrow in on area following major cactus clue

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun29,2024

Police searching for missing British tourist Jay Slater have reportedly narrowed their search area as efforts to find the 19-year-old continue.

The apprentice bricklayer, from Lancashire, went missing in Tenerife after trying to walk back to his accommodation after missing a bus.

Jay, who had spent the evening with people he had met at the NRG music festival, called his friend Lucy Law early on the morning of June 17, telling her he was trying to walk back, that his phone was on one per cent battery and that he had cut his leg on a cactus.

The cactus is now being treated as a potential lead in the search for the teenager.

The Daily Mail reports Cipriano Martin, head of the Civil Guard’s Greim mountain rescue unit, said authorities were working on “clues based on the information we have”.

He added: “When he rings his friend Lucy and says he’s cut himself on a cactus and he’s worried because he doesn’t know whether it’s poisonous or not, and she tells him not to worry that it’s not poisonous.

“But for that to happen you have to leave the road because you’re not going to cut yourself on a cactus being on the road and he’s had to go into the mountains obviously.”

Media were told in a press conference on Saturday that two men who were reported to have rented the Airbnb Jay was at before his disappearance are “not relevant” to the case.

A major search operation continues on the island.

Speaking through a translator, Mr Martin told the BBC: “There are difficult areas and we’ve given instructions for people not to risk their own safety.

“But there’s something we need to make clear, which is any area we don’t go to, well, Jay won’t have gone there either.

“You have to think about it logically – if I see there’s vegetation in front of me and I’m going to get spiked, and I can’t get through, then he won’t have gone through that area either.

“We have to be logical, obviously.”

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