Jay Slater search: Tenerife local shares ‘bizarre’ update on hunt for missing teen

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun27,2024

Mayor Navarro commented on the situation, saying: “We know the police are investigating the CCTV images. They have asked for the town hall’s security cameras and are also working with the company that handles those cameras.”

“The rumor going around now is that a local mayor in the area has seen Jay in a bar watching the Euro games. Although unsubstantiated, this is coming from a member of office, so it warrants attention. The police are now investigating that area, particularly Santiago del Teide, which is the closest town,” Crawley said.

The teenager traveled to an Airbnb in the village of Masca with acquaintances he met at the NRG music festival on Sunday, June 16. His friend, Lucy Law, was the last person to speak with him.

At 8am local time on Monday, June 17, Jay called Lucy to inform her that he had missed his bus, had only 1% battery left on his phone, and would attempt to walk back to his accommodation. His last known location was in the mountainous Rural de Teno Park.

Spanish police have conducted a thorough search of the area where Jay’s phone signal was last detected, but have found no trace of him so far. The mystery deepens as search teams confirm that sniffer dogs have not been given Jay’s scent from his clothes, complicating the efforts.

Locals are baffled by Jay’s “dangerous” decision to trek through such a challenging terrain, questioning what he was doing in that area.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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