Jay Slater LIVE: Major search update as hunt for missing teen in Tenerife continues

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun26,2024

Rachel Harg, reported to be the mother of Jay’s best friend and admin of the Find Jay Slater Facebook group, has expressed heartbreak over cruel online trolling.

She shared a screenshot from a video falsely claiming she was partying on a boat instead of searching for the missing teen.

Ms Harg wrote in response: “This is another horrible lie about myself. Firstly, this isn’t me. I took the video on my last holiday on a boat trip. The lady in this video I don’t know. It was just me videoing the trip I was on with my family”.

The post, first reported by the Manchester Evening News, continued: “Secondly, this was when I went to Turkey in April. Someone stole [the clip] and [is] saying [I] am in Tenerife partying.

“I am here looking for my son’s best friend not partying if anyone did see this”.

She concluded her post saying: “Absolutely heartbroken. It was a previous holiday”.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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