Jay Slater GoFundMe donations hit £45K after mum gives heartbreaking search update

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul1,2024

More than £45,000 has been raised in a campaign launched to assist in locating missing 19-year-old Jay Slater in Tenerife, while his “heartbroken” family pledges to persist with the search.

Despite the formal search for the teenager being ended by Tenerife police, donations from well-wishers are still coming in. A number of the 3,900 contributors are parents expressing their worry for their similarly aged children and sending thoughts and prayers to Jay’s mother, Debbie Duncan.

Jay, a 19-year-old apprentice bricklayer from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, has been missing since Monday, June 17 in the holiday hotspot of Tenerife. He was reportedly last observed by an Airbnb landlord after missing the bus to join friends in the south of the island – an area favoured by British travellers – following a rave.

However, after two weeks, the search operation by Spanish police concluded yesterday without any sign of him.

The GoFundMe to ‘Get Jay Slater Home’ has hit £46,000 and, last week before the search ended, Mrs Duncan gave a heartbreaking update.

She said: “First, I would like to thank everyone for your support, kind messages, and good wishes. It’s difficult to wrap our heads around what is happening right now, but we are not losing hope that we will find Jay and return home together.”

“We are currently working with GoFundMe to withdraw part of the funds, which are being safely held. I wanted to share that these funds will be used to support the mountain rescue teams who are tirelessly searching for Jay.”

One of those who decided to send cash, Tanya Murphy, said: “I hope and pray you find your handsome boy soon. I have a daughter similar age and I just can’t stop thinking about you all.”

Another, Carol Bon, added: “As a mum of a boy the same age I can only imagine what pain you’re going through. I just want to send love to Jay’s mum. I hope you find your beautiful boy soon.”

Claire Burnett wrote: “I pray for Jay’s safe return, as I mother myself I can’t imagine the anguish. I can’t stop thinking about him, I’ve said prayers for Jay, and I think about him a lot. Debbie, thinking of you from one mother to another.”

One donor, Jonathan Barron, said: “Words can’t describe how I feel, and I don’t even know the lad. Thoughts are with all his family and friends and I am personally praying that he is some how alive, God bless you all.”

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