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Israel war cabinet minister Benny Gantz resigns from Benjamin Netanyahu’s government

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun5,2024
Israeli minister Benny Gantz resigned from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency government, removing the only centrist influence from the far-right coalition amid the ongoing Gaza conflict.

The background: Benny Gantz’s departure from Netanyahu’s government, while not immediately threatening its stability, shifts the balance of power further to the right, increasing Netanyahu’s reliance on hardliners. This comes as the Gaza war continues with no resolution in sight and potential escalation with Hezbollah looms.

The move raises concerns about strategic decision-making and international relations, particularly with the United States.
Key Quote: “Netanyahu is preventing us from advancing toward true victory,” Gantz said during a televised news conference.
What Else to Know: Gantz had given Netanyahu a 8 June deadline for a clear strategy for Gaza, which Netanyahu dismissed.

Gantz criticised the political climate in Netanyahu’s cabinet, stating it clouded strategic decisions.

Netanyahu retains control with a 64-seat majority in the 120-seat parliament but must now rely more on ultra-nationalist parties.

What happens next: Netanyahu’s reliance on ultra-nationalists could strain relations with the US and increase domestic pressure. The government will navigate diplomatic challenges and public discontent while attempting to meet its goals in Gaza.

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