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Israel reservist opens up on taking on Iran missiles in ‘most complex mission of my life’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May18,2024

He also admitted that he didn’t feel particular concerns about his plane being struck but felt enormous pressure at the prospect of failing to intercept a missile and seeing it hit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or other Israeli cities.

The reservist said he scrambled to his plane after receiving a call about the inbound missiles while spending the evening with his family.

Major G, who is a lawyer when he is not piloting fighter planes, noted his wife and children are familiar with the procedure as it wasn’t the first time he was suddenly called into action.

He said: “It happens every now and then, but nothing as extreme as last Saturday.”

Within hours of downing his last missile, he was already back at his desk “shooting off emails” – a regular occurrence for him and other reservists.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Israel reservist opens up on taking on Iran missiles in ‘most complex mission of my life’”
  1. It’s truly remarkable to hear about the bravery and composure of Major G in facing such a critical mission. The fact that he can transition seamlessly from his role as a lawyer to a fighter pilot in moments of need is impressive. His dedication to protecting his country is commendable. Sending my gratitude and support to all the reservists who put their lives on the line for Israel’s safety.

  2. It’s truly remarkable to hear firsthand accounts of the incredible bravery and dedication shown by reservists like Major G. Their commitment to protecting their country in the face of such intense pressure is inspiring. Thank you for your service!

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