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ISIS terrorists carry out ‘major attack’ with jihadists storming city

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May12,2024

Islamic State terrorists have taken over a city in Mozambique amid fears the group could be making a resurgence.

According to unconfirmed social media reports, the ISIS militants have captured the city of Macomia in Mozambique.

Civilians have reportedly fled the city and several were hiding in nearby forests after the terrorists launched the early morning attack, according to local media.

Speaking to the local outlet Ikweli, one said: “There is unrest in the whole village, gunshots from above to the station area, everyone is in the bush, even I am here, we don’t know for sure, but they seem to be terrorists.”

Another added: “I confirm, in the Xinavane neighbourhood there are heavy shots, by the way, the guys [terrorists] entered this neighbourhood, and all you can see is smoke. As soon as I tell you, I’m in the bush, we have soldiers here, but I don’t know what to say.”

Heavy gunfire has been reported in the area and sources in the city indicated that around 60 gunmen had entered the town.

Recent attacks have hit areas that had been relatively untouched since the start of the jihadist insurgency in Cabo Delgado – where Macomia is located – in 2017. They may mark a new stage in a crisis that aid agencies say forced more than a million people to flee their homes during nearly seven years of violence. Thousands were killed.

Cabo Delgado, Mozambique’s northernmost province that borders Tanzania, was thrust into the international spotlight in 2020 and 2021 when insurgents were accused of carrying out mass beheadings, including of children.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “ISIS terrorists carry out ‘major attack’ with jihadists storming city”
  1. It is deeply concerning to see ISIS militants taking over a city in Mozambique. The reports of civilians fleeing and hiding in forests after the attack are truly alarming. We must ensure swift action is taken to protect innocent lives and restore peace in the region.

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