Indian election live map: Full results as Narendra Modi aims to secure third term

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun8,2024

India’s seven-phase billion-ballot election spanning from April 19 to June 4 this year has finally concluded after months of searing heat, lively campaigning and fierce debate. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hoping to secure a historic third term with his main rivals being a coalition of opposition parties known as INDIA led by the National Congress.  

Some 970,000 Indians cast their ballots to elect members of the nation’s Lok Sabha, the equivalent of the UK’s House of Commons where a total of 543 seats are up for grabs. 

Mr Modi has set an ambitious goal of achieving 400 out of the 543 seats for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Follow the Daily Express with our live interactive results map below to get all the results as they come in. 

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Citizens across the nation were urged to “do their democratic duty” by both celebrities and ordinary people, with posters of legendary cricketer Sachin Tanduka plastered up and down the nation during the 44-day event.

And for the first time in its democratic history, India’s Election Commission was legally required to make the process truly inclusive.

There were strict rules requiring every person registered to vote to be within no more than two kilometres from their nearest polling booth.

The challenge facing the 15 million election officials tasked with delivering 1.5 million polling booths across the country was, quite simply, immense. 

This legal stipulation meant they must brave the boiling heat and face even crocodiles on their quest to deliver democracy to all citizens. 

Officials trekked through mountainous jungles and crossed rivers to reach far-flung corners of the vast subcontinent. 

In one case, officials in the northeastern State of Arunachal Pradesh trekked for 24 hours through difficult terrain to enable one single voter to cast her vote.

During the contest’s fourth and fifth phases, the Daily Express provided you with live front-row dispatches from the ground:

Stay tuned for the results of this mega-election.

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