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India tests deadly new missiles capable of taking out Pakistan nukes sparking new war fear

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May12,2024

The Indian Air Force (IAF) last week quietly tested a semi-ballistic missile called ROCKS, sparking concerns about a possible arms race with Pakistan and yet another full-scale war.

The ROCKS system, produced by Israel has a range of around 250km and has been launch tested from a Su-30 MKI jet, meaning in theory the IAF could target Pakistani nuclear sites.

According to sources of Indian news outlet The Print, the testing was a success.

The missile is a next generation extended stand-off air-to-surface missile. It was designed and made by Israeli defence tech company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, however within India it is hoped that the hardware will soon be produced in-country.

In fact, many of the components for the missile are sourced from India and under the Atmanirbhar initiative – a policy of making India self-sufficient – the IAF are keen to produce the device at home.

The new missile has raised the spectre of India being able to strike Pakistan’s critical infrastructure, including its nuclear sites.

Academics Christopher Clary from the University of Albany, USA and Vipin Narang from MIT warned in 2018 that Pakistan’s possession of tactical nuclear weapons – smaller nukes that can be used on precise targets – put India in “strategic paralysis”.

India has a “no first use” nuclear policy however if Pakistan were to use a small nuclear weapon, they wouldn’t have the ability to respond in kindas they have only conventional nuclear warheads, which are far more destructive.

As such, the acquisition and successful testing of a ROCKS system means India can take out Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, without using their own devastating warheads, for the first time.

Academics fear that this incentivises Pakistan to act before their nuclear weapons are destroyed, sparking a major conflict between the two regional powers.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “India tests deadly new missiles capable of taking out Pakistan nukes sparking new war fear”
  1. Sounds like a very dangerous escalation of tensions in the region. It’s concerning to see countries investing in such deadly capabilities. Hope both India and Pakistan can find a peaceful way to resolve their differences.

  2. Testing such dangerous missiles only escalates tensions between countries, leading to the potential for catastrophic consequences. Diplomatic solutions are essential to prevent another devastating war in the region.

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