Ibiza bin strike chaos as rats and cockroaches swarm piles of rubbish in popular resorts

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul1,2024

Ibiza has been devastated by a major rubbish collection and street cleaning strike, leaving mountains of rubbish piling up, with tourism leaders warning it is damaging the holiday island’s reputation. 

Some local residents are already reporting plagues of cockroaches and have spotted rats, on top of the fact that the rubbish is beginning to stink.

Binmen and street cleaners started an indefinite strike at 2.30am on Friday in Ibiza and rubbish is already accumulating on the streets of three leading tourist resorts as well as outside the island’s hotels. 

There were hopes that the action would be called off on Thursday, as unions believed that had successfully negotiated a pay and conditions deal with their employers. However, the agreement fell through at the last moment. 

The Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB) has spoken out about the “unsustainable” situation of the garbage strike that affects three municipalities in Ibiza. The vice-president of the CAEB, José Antonio Roselló, strongly criticised the three parties involved in the failed negotiations: workers, companies and town councils.

“There is a lot of concern because the current situation directly affects the image of Ibiza and, therefore, the economy of the island,” he said today.

In addition to this, the CAEB is concerned about the health problems that the accumulation of waste may cause in the population, especially now that it is starting to get warmer. For this reason they ask that those involved in the strike, both workers and companies and institutions, be aware that the situation “transcends their individual and collective interests”..

Tourism leaders have also asked locals and holidaymakers to take extra special care over how they get rid of their waste and not to leave bags outside the overflowing bin containers.

“Wait as long as possible to deposit waste again in public containers,” said a spokesman for Ibiza’s Tourism Promotion. “If the container is full, go to another.”

And he added: “We are aware of the negative impact that the strike can cause at a transcendental moment of the tourist season.”

The strike of cleaning and garbage collection services is in the leading municipalities of Santa Eulària, Sant Josep and Sant Joan.

By law, there has to be a minimum service during any strike but today, there were only four garbage lorries to serve the vast area. These were claimed to be only concentrating on the holiday hotels and not the streets. Both the union and employers have blamed the lack of coverage on insufficient personnel and vehicles.

Meantime, rubbish is being stuffed into overflowing containers or left on the pavements, attracting flies and bugs in the hot conditions and generating disgusting smells.

Ibiza’s Ministry of Public Works has asked for “responsibility” and “sensitivity”.

“Eliminating or drastically reducing the cleaning service can become a risk to public health, as well as damaging the image and prestige of the island,” said the department. “Putting the prestige of the Ibiza brand at risk in an advantageous way is a practice that must be eliminated from any type of negotiation.”

The three municipalities affected by the strike issued a joint statement to ask for “collaboration” from citizens “to deal with the negative consequences derived from the strike decreed by employees in the face of a labour dispute outside public institutions.”

Health officials are also urging dog owners to make sure they thoroughly clean up excrement and urine and disinfect areas to avoid plagues of insects.

The mayors of all three municipalities have called for a timely end to the strike which has no end date set.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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