Hunter Biden Convicted, Unlike Trump, Hunter’s Conviction Won’t Be Overturned

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun3,2024 #finance

Hey Joe, how does it feel to have a son convicted of a felony? For now you can call Trump a felon, but that won’t last due to numerous and flagrant judicial errors.

Hunter Biden Convicted in Gun Case

In what was an easy case, the WSK reports Jurors Quickly Convicted Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden was found guilty Tuesday of falsely claiming to be drug-free when applying to buy a handgun six years ago, adding to his family’s personal turmoil as his father President Biden campaigns for re-election.

The younger Biden, 54 years old, was convicted of three counts by a federal jury, which deliberated for about three hours over two days in a case that exposed a dark period of betrayal and substance abuse in the Biden family.

The jury found that when Hunter bought a .38-caliber Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018, he lied on a federal form by checking a box to say he wasn’t addicted to or using drugs at the time. During a week of trial proceedings, jurors heard about his yearslong struggle to stay sober, including evidence that he bought and used drugs in the weeks before and the days after he purchased the firearm from a gun shop in his hometown of Wilmington.

Hunter Biden sat stone-faced as the verdict was read. As he departed the courtroom, he smiled and embraced his lawyer Abbe Lowell and other members of his defense team, then hugged his wife, Melissa Cohen Biden.

The younger Biden faces up to 25 years behind bars, although any prison term is likely to amount to a fraction of that maximum sentence.

The conviction and prospect of prison time deepens the political peril for his father during the middle of November’s election cycle. The trial in Delaware aired embarrassing details about the president’s family, and Hunter Biden is expected to face another trial on tax charges in Los Angeles in September, which could feature still more damaging details about his lavish spending and lifestyle. His wider legal problems have given Republicans an opening to portray the Biden family as corrupt, though they have failed to link the president to any wrongdoing.

President Biden has said he wouldn’t pardon his son but has otherwise stood by him, issuing a statement saying he was “so proud of the man” Hunter Biden is now.

Hunter’s own voice reverberated throughout the courtroom when prosecutors played portions of the audiobook version of his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” where he recounted smoking crack “every 15 minutes” for stretches of 2018. Like most defendants, he chose not to testify and risk exposing himself to cross-examination.

Prosecutor Leo Wise in closing arguments called the account “searingly painful, but personal and honest.”

The Hunter Biden case that deserved to go to trial. Next up, genuine tax fraud not misdemeanors converted by hokey-pokey to felonies.

The trial of Trump in New York was so flawed it never should have gone to trial.

We still do not know what crime Trump committed.

Trump Found Guilty – a Travesty of Justice for America

I commented on Trump in my post Trump Found Guilty – a Travesty of Justice for America

I Am Outraged

I am outraged but not surprised. But the hypocrites will cheer hoping for a knockout.

They will say “No one is above the law”. Indeed. But no one should be beneath the law either.

Every effort has been made to put Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Hillary Clinton above the law. And every effort has been made to put Trump beneath the law, including judicial instructions.

I am outraged and I don’t even care for Trump. Everyone should be outraged. The trial was unfair because there should not have been a trial at all. The judge’s actions were outrageous.

It’s a travesty of justice not just for Trump, but for the United States of America.

To repeat, I do not care for Trump or his name calling, tariffs, and numerous other things. I am a Libertarian and Trump leaves a lot to be desired.

But I care even less for Biden.

A Slight Difference of Opinion on Biden the Uniter

I am not the only one with that view.

This is reflected in the polls. For discussion, please see Why Young Voters and Blacks Have Abandoned Biden in Two Pictures

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