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Huge blow for Tenerife locals as protests ‘only encouraged more Brits’ to book holidays

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May12,2024

Many are still “rushing to book holidays” to this summer despite protests from locals about the over-tourism it is suffering. Demand has surged despite thousands pounding the streets of the , with residents insisting on a limit to the influx of holidaymakers.

Package holiday firm On The Beach has seen sales rise by a third compared with the two weeks before the protests, reports The Sun. Bookings are already up 18 percent in 2023.

The island, known for its consistent sunshine, pints priced at £2.60 and short flight duration, remains a popular destination among UK travellers. It’s so popular that last year the number of tourists reached nearly 14 million, marking a 13 percent increase compared to 2022.

The population of the Spanish island stands at just 2.2 million. Local Samantha Hasala said: “Lots of people are saying, ‘We don’t want tourists here anymore’ — but it is not really about British people.

“It’s just because most of our tourists are British. We love British people.”

Leigh Buckingham, from Chorley, Lancs, is off to Tenerife next month with his family. He bought a package holiday on April 26 and said: “I saw the protests but it hasn’t stopped me — it actually reminded me to book.

“We love it there. We go pretty much every year. Who can argue with lots of sun, sand and sangria?”

Zoe Harris, from On The Beach, said Tenerife was its third most popular destination behind Majorca and Antalya in Turkey. She said: “We’ve been analysing booking numbers closely since the protests and it seems it’s only encouraged more Brits to book.

“Thousands have made their holiday plans concrete in the last few weeks. We’re expecting more bookings to fly in.”


The clear anti-tourism message has also not stopped tour operators from offering cheap package deals for families in the UK. Just a quick search reveals the likes of TUI, Travel Supermarket, Love Holidays and and Jet2 holidays all promoting trips to the sunny island. 

Tens of thousands of  over the large number of tourists coming across and causing poorer living conditions for locals. 

Some claim the area is being dominated by tourist accommodation which could otherwise be used for regular housing. Locals also believe the tourism model needs adjusting to make life fairer for its own citizens. 

While the constant stream of bookings is a good sign for traders who feared the protests would scare off tourists, there may be a reason why Brits are getting their holidays in early. 

A new eco tax for tourists is being introduced in January – with the cost and rules surrounding it yet to be determined. It’s not thought the tax will hit holidaymakers on point of entry, but more focus on certain areas or tourism-heavy spots.

These are thought to include nature reserves and beauty spots that need protecting. The tax is being introduced to make the island “a more sustainable and environmentally responsible space” according to the president of Tenerife Rosa Davila.

It will only apply to visitors with residents exempt from additional costs.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. Do locals feel conflicted about the increase in British tourists despite their protests against over-tourism in Tenerife?

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