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House Shakes Things Up to Take on Israel Bill Next Week

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May22,2024

The House of Representatives will change its schedule to consider legislation to support Israel in light of Iran’s Saturday attack and to hold Tehran accountable, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) said on Saturday. 

“In light of Iran’s unjustified attack on Israel, the House will move from its previously announced legislative schedule next week to instead consider legislation that supports our ally Israel and holds Iran and its terrorist proxies accountable,” Scalise said in a Saturday post on X.

“The House of Representatives stands strongly with Israel, and there must be consequences for this unprovoked attack,” he continued. “More details on the legislative items to be considered will be forthcoming.” 

The statement did not provide clarity as to whether the Louisiana Republican was making a reference to the $95 billion supplemental spending bill which encompasses $14 billion for Israel or the stand-alone bill for Israel. 

The $95 billion supplemental also includes $60 billion for Ukraine, funds for Taiwan and humanitarian assistance. It passed the Senate in February but has yet to be put on the lower chamber’s floor, where the package faces resistance from some hard-right Republican lawmakers since it includes funds for Ukraine. The supplemental bill is also not supported by some progressive House Democrats who oppose sending more money to Israel as the country continues its military campaign in Gaza against Hamas. 

Iran launched missiles as a part of its attack on Israel on Saturday. Most of them were intercepted outside of the country’s territory by defense systems operated by Israel and its allies in the region, according to The Israel Defense Forces (IDF). 

“A small number of hits were identified, including at an IDF base in southern Israel, where minor damage was caused to infrastructure,” the Israeli military said on Saturday.

Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

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2 thoughts on “House Shakes Things Up to Take on Israel Bill Next Week”
  1. As an American, I believe it’s crucial for the House of Representatives to stand by Israel in the face of Iran’s aggression. We must support our ally and hold Iran accountable for their actions. It’s time for consequences and unity in the fight against terrorism.

  2. As an American citizen, I strongly believe that it is crucial for the House of Representatives to show unwavering support for Israel in the wake of Iran’s attack. We must stand by our ally and ensure that there are repercussions for such unacceptable aggression. Looking forward to seeing what specific actions will be taken to hold Iran accountable.

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