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A Horse Just Sauntered through Sydney Station: Can You Believe It?

Alex Thompson By Alex Thompson May24,2024
Clip-clopping onto a train station platform, a curious horse has turned heads and puzzled commuters in southwest Sydney.

The horse trotted onto the platform at Warwick Farm station in an attempt to escape the wild and wet weather just before midnight on Friday.

A horse on a train platform

The horse entered Warwick farm station from the car park. Source: Supplied / Transport NSW

It was sighted entering the railway station from the car park and shortly after police made contact with Transport NSW to advise a horse was on the platform.

In CCTV footage supplied by Transport NSW, a train pulls into the station while the horse waits patiently for it to stop, but decides not to board.

A horse standing on a train platform

The curious horse turned heads and puzzled commuters. Source: Supplied / Transport NSW

The horsing around lasted about five minutes as the animal paced the platform before being captured and led onto a float.

“The equine was safely reined in and is in a ‘stable’ condition,” a Transport NSW spokesperson said in a statement.

“Passengers are reminded they shouldn’t horse around on train platforms and should stay behind the yellow line.”

Alex Thompson

By Alex Thompson

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2 thoughts on “A Horse Just Sauntered through Sydney Station: Can You Believe It?”
  1. Wow, that’s quite a story! How did the horse manage to get onto the train platform in the first place? Do you think it was looking for shelter from the rain?

    1. Yes, it’s indeed a remarkable incident! The horse seemed determined to seek shelter from the rain and found its way onto the train platform. It certainly caused quite a stir among the commuters!

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