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Hamas terrorists taunt female Israeli soldiers in harrowing video: ‘You can get pregnant’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun6,2024

A sickening video has emerged that allegedly shows Hamas terrorists lining up five female Israeli soldiers it captured during the October 7 atrocity and telling them that they are the ones “who can get pregnant”.

The young women are covered in blood and surrounded by the bodies of their massacred comrades, were reportedly threatened with rape and then taken away to Gaza by Hamas.

The footage appears to be taken at the Nahal Oz base outside the Gaza Strip where women were handcuffed and pressed against a wall while still in their pajamas.

The video has been released by a group representing the families of hostages in Gaza. Hamas has dismissed the video as “a manipulated excerpt” and questioned its authenticity.

Seven female soldiers who worked as lookouts on the border with Gaza were taken captive from Nahal Oz, said the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, which released the footage. All were 19 or 20.

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During the chilling video, one gunman said: “Here are the girls who can get pregnant.” Another remarked: “You’re so beautiful.”

The footage was taken after the October 7 assault on Israel by the militant group, which resulted in approximately 1,200 deaths and around 250 hostages.

The army managed to rescue one of the women early in the war through a ground operation and reported that a second woman was killed while in Hamas captivity. The five women shown in the video are believed to still be held by Hamas.

The Israeli army recently declassified the video and handed it over to the families of the women. The forum said the families decided to make the footage public to pressure the government into negotiating a cease-fire deal with Hamas that would secure the release of their loved ones.

“Every new testimony about what happened to the hostages echoes the same tragic truth – we must bring them all back home, now,” the forum declared in a statement. “The Israeli government must not waste another moment.”

Hamas acknowledged that minor injuries and blood are not unusual in such situations but refuted any allegations of physical abuse against the women. However, during the October 7 attacks, Hamas terrorists brutally killed men, women and children in Israel.

Ashley Waxman Bakshi, related to Agam Berger, one of the captured women, expressed her distress upon viewing the footage, stating: “I cried the first time I saw it.”

“Toward the end, I felt like I was going to throw up. I think any person who watches this video will understand that feeling, especially as a woman,” she added.

Additional videos depict militants forcibly taking two female soldiers towards a jeep amidst the sound of gunshots. One soldier is seen being escorted barefoot, limping due to what seems to be a leg wound.

In a separate clip, militants are seen gripping a captive by their limbs; it remains unclear whether the captive is alive. Another segment reveals three injured female soldiers in a vehicle, surrounded by shouting militants.

The offensive by Israel in Gaza, triggered by a Hamas assault, has resulted in approximately 35,000 Palestinian deaths, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, which does not make a distinction between fighters and non-combatants.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. It’s horrifying to see the inhumane treatment these female soldiers have endured. No one should ever have to face such brutality. My heart goes out to them and their families.

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