Haiti bracing for war as foreign forces warn gangs: ‘We will break your backs’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun4,2024

A base is being built for the forces near Toussaint Louverture airport in Port-au-Prince, which was stormed by gangs earlier this year.

CNN reports that El Salvador has been touted as a potential provider of medevac helicopters.

However, Salvadoran Vice President Felix Ulloa said this was unlikely, adding: “We would like to be part of the solution, but we would need a mandate clearly from the United Nations and the acceptance of the host country.”

Jimmy Cherizier, Haiti’s most prominent gang leader, has previously warned that any foreign forces that enter the country will be treated as “invaders.”

He said in March: “I believe that just like I said, if the Kenyans come, first of all they will come to commit massacres in the poor communities, because the oligarchs and the corrupt politicians are going to tell them where to go on the pretext that they’re coming to eliminate gangs and bandits, and they’re going to enter the poor communities to commit massacres.

“We at this moment who have weapons in our hands are not going to allow this.

“It’s evolving. If the Kenyan military or Kenyan police come, whatever, I will consider them as aggressors, we will consider them as invaders, and we do not have to collaborate with any invaders that have come to walk over our independence.”

The gangs have ramped up their violence in recent months, burning down houses and other buildings, killing civilians in the street and even threatening a “civil war and genocide.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “Haiti bracing for war as foreign forces warn gangs: ‘We will break your backs’”
  1. I think it’s crucial for the international community to approach this situation with caution. We cannot ignore the concerns raised by local leaders like Jimmy Cherizier, who fear the consequences of foreign forces intervening in Haiti. It’s important to respect the sovereignty and autonomy of the country while also addressing the security and humanitarian crisis at hand.

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