Groom’s shock as he discovers wife is a man just 12 days after wedding

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun14,2024

A man who dated his bride for a year before they married was stunned to discover she was actually a man 12 days after their big day.

A photo of the happy couple from Indonesia shows them at their nuptials looking like a picture of wedded bliss, but less than two weeks later the husband made a shocking disovery about the wife smiling next to him.

The groom, known as AK, from the island of Java, had never been intimate with his partner who he thought was called Adinda Kanza.

According to the South China Morning Post, Adinda would often wear a traditional Muslim niqab head covering even at home, but her husband assumed this was because of her devotion to Islam.

Eventually however, the man became suspicious when his wife repeatedly refused his advances. Despite being told she was an orphan the man contacted her family and discovered both parents were still alive.

It was then it is reported that AK discovered his wife was actually a man who had been dressing in women’s clothes since 2000.

Adinda, who local media has idenitified as ESH, told investigating officers that he had planned to marry AK in a bid to steal assets from his family.

ESH, who even brought along five grammes of gold as a dowry for the wedding, has now been detained under fraud charges and could face up to four years in prison.

Police investigating the bizarre case said that when they questioned ESH “his voice is somewhat high-pitched, much like a woman’s voice.”

According to local reports, the sham wedding has gone viral on Chinese social media with many netizens in the country exclaiming disbelief at what happened.

The South China Morning Post quoted one social media user as saying, “What kind of news is this? It’s shattering my worldview.”

Another flabbergasted person made a more serious observation, posting: “Poor AK, he has faced the distressing ordeal of being deceived in a relationship with a cross-dresser for more than a year and ended up losing both marriage and money.”

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