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Ginger and Carman are TikTok sensations. Both over 60, they say they refuse to be invisible

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May24,2024
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From the moment we met as school mums, we knew we were cut from the same creative cloth.
There are societal expectations about how you should be at a particular age, and what you should wear — and both of us lived outside the boxes society would try to put us in.
Women of a ‘certain age’ can often feel unseen. But we believe invisibility is something that solely exists in the mind.
We have never  really felt invisible, but of course there have periods in our lives where there have been other priorities and the focus has been elsewhere.
For example we have both raised families and had other careers.

But the chance to rediscover ourselves presented itself on a girls holiday in Paris.

two older ladies posing in all black outfits

Carman (left) and Ginger (right) found fame on social media after posting their adventures online. Source: SBS

Where it all began

The trip was the circuit breaker we needed and it ended up being the glue that two friends needed to find their inner quirk.

We found older Parisian women and their street style inspiring, and before we knew it we started documenting our fashion sense and our adventures in Australia online.

It was then that we realised how refreshing and freeing it was to not make plans, allow ourselves to get sidetracked and go on what we now call ‘escapades’.
At our age, spontaneity and curiosity is the elixir of youth.
Invisibility doesn’t even get a thought.
When you start doing your own thing and you are in your own flow, it can feel very energizing.

‘Ginger and Carman’ was born from this new found freedom. 

two older ladies posing for the camera

Ginger (left) and Carman (right) say they don’t understand it when people say they need to ‘act their age’. Source: SBS

Personal growth can be confronting to others

and are about keeping our energy alive, staying connected and inspiring other women to also step out of their comfort zones at any age.
Despite largely being the domain of the young, we never used Facebook and found platforms like Instagram and TikTok more user friendly.
Exploring something that you may have put aside for a while is invigorating.
Like your fabulous inner goddess. Like dancing in the street. Like going to a nightclub and listening to new music. 
This hasn’t been an easy journey at times as there are people in your life that want you to stay as you have always been, because when you take on personal growth it can be confronting for others.

At the same time it’s a vulnerability we have to feel to shift, so it can get difficult. Our families have been a fantastic support. 

two older women in colourful outfits

Ginger and Carman say that being a role model to younger generations is an ‘honour’. Source: SBS

Dealing with judgement

We’ve had some interesting reactions, as our style can be perceived as ‘wild’ especially for women over the age of 60.
Ironically, the majority of the disapproval comes from real life interactions within our broader friendship group and acquaintances.
We often get told we’re ‘too much’, ‘self-absorbed’ and that it’s time to ‘act our age’ – whatever that means.
One year we attended Moomba, an annual festival in Melbourne. We wore op-shop ball gowns and sneakers for a bit of fun and a ‘queeny’ vibe.
We remember being on the receiving end of quizzical and some disapproving looks.
But we didn’t let it get to us, all dressed up we popped into a fancy restaurant for quick aperitivo before the festival and received a tonne of compliments for our style and ‘we don’t care what anybody thinks’ vibe.
Our philosophy is keep going and stick to your sentiment, add a bit of fun, don’t take yourself too seriously.

In our experience, the world becomes very accepting if you ‘own yourself’.

Our biggest reward

Our most rewarding revelation is that we are empowering young women on TikTok.
We seem to be inspiring them and giving them hope for the future, with comments like ‘I want to be you when I grow up’, ‘goals!’ and ‘queens’.
They serve as great reminders of just how powerful social media can be in inspiring others to embrace life, their uniqueness and the good that can come from visibility — especially on a platform like TikTok which has traditionally been dominated by younger generations.
This has been a wonderful unexpected  reaction and gives our platform so much more purpose and meaning than just putting a spotlight on fashion only. 
We are so lucky to have had our paths cross and find a like minded girlfriend to have adventures with.
We intend to stay on this exciting journey as long as we keep finding our reasons for doing so, regardless of our age.
Staying open and embracing opportunities seems to be the key to remaining relevant and visible.
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