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Germany shooting horror with major manhunt underway and four people seriously injured

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun6,2024

Several people have been injured, some seriously, after a gun attack at two locations including a hair salon in the German city of Hagen.

A police spokesman said: “This morning at around 11 am, shots were fired in a residential building on Hochstrasse in Hagen-Eilpe and in a nearby hairdressing salon.

“According to current information, four people were seriously injured by gunfire.

“Currently, none of the people are in danger of dying.”

Police are currently conducting a manhunt for the perpetrator, the spokesman added.

In the meantime people are bring urged to avoid the areas of Hagen city center, Hochstraße in Eilpe and the Breckerfeld area.

Initial indications suggest the crime may be “family-related”.

The crime scene and the surrounding area in the Hagen-Eilpe district of the city have been cordoned off and police are currently on a large-scale operation in Hagen city centre and in the Eilpe suburb.

Dortmund police have taken over the operation, with shootings understood to have happened at two separate locations including the salon in Hochstrasse.

Photographs from the scene showed large numbers of police and emergency vehicles.

The incident comes a day after police shot a knifeman who injured several people at a far-right event in the German city of Mannheim.

It happened in the southwestern city’s Marktplatz square just after 11.35am local time.

Footage shared by German news site Bild showed the bearded attacker being shot as he stabs a policeman in the neck from behind.

There is nothing to indicate today’s attack, 130 miles to the north of Mannheim, is related.

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