Germans invent controversial ‘doner kebab croissant’ – dividing opinion

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul11,2024

A controversial croissant has gone viral as members of the public react to a German creation which is dividing opinion.

Taking to Twitter/X with a screenshot of the street food, one user revealed the cultural clash in food form which has upset and delighted in equal measure. They wrote: “I’m sorry to report that Germans have invented a croissant döner and are calling it a cröner.”

The doner kebab meat pushed inside of an overflowing croissant, salad and all, left some mourning the classic pastry while others say they would “smash” the fusion food. One user claimed: “I’d give that a go, for sure. I reckon it’s better than it looks.” The unimpressed original poster replied: “It’s got to because it looks like a**.”

Another user wrote: “Would smash that.” Yet the man who provided a screenshot of the food horror replied: “With a hammer?”

A third added: “Wouldn’t even hesitate to eat this.” But some members of the public were appalled to see the doner meat inside the traditional baked item. One wrote: “We have strayed so far from God’s light.”

One person simpyl wrote: “Gross.” But not everyone was unconvinced by the horror meal and some even claimed it would be a “game changer” rather than a gluttonous mess. “This looks like a game changer,” one user wrote.

Other users were concerned at the consistencies of using a croissant as a sandwich bread. One wrote: “A croissant is not good sandwich bread, period. I’m tired of this whole charade.”

Another added: ” Germans are truly masterful innovators, they’ve found a way to take TWO otherwise delicious foods and make them into something f**king disgusting.”

A third gave the creation a rating, writing: ” 7/10 looks impractical to hold and shredded veg on a sando is a Choice but yeah I’d still f**k one up.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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