French PM claims Frexit on the horizon with far-right election surge

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun18,2024

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal launched a scathing critique against what he termed as “extremes” in French politics: the Rassemblement National (RN) and La France Insoumise (LFI).

Attal warned that the far-right RN’s policies could lead France out of the European Union, a scenario he equated to the aftermath of Brexit in the United Kingdom.

By denouncing RN’s “big trick” of alleging a hidden government plan, Attal insisted that their programme, despite not explicitly calling for a Frexit, would effectively result in France’s exit from the EU.

He urged voters to avoid the fate of the British who he claimed “cried after Brexit.”

Speaking to RTL, the French Prime Minister listed several aspects of RN’s agenda, including non-compliance with single market rules, refusal to pay France’s EU contributions, and rejection of most treaties, as evidence of their Eurosceptic intentions.

Attal drew parallels to the UK post-Brexit, noting: “The country has experienced more illegal immigration than ever before [and] massive economic difficulties.” He stressed: “We won’t be stronger by being more isolated.”

The French politician supporting Valérie Hayer’s campaign, stressed the broader European implications of the upcoming election.

“The question for these elections is rather what Europe will be like after June 9th,” he said. Attal highlighted the potential rise of far-right deputies in the European Parliament, which could hinder the functioning of European institutions.

He added: “If we want to be strong in global economic competition against the United States and China (…) if we want to be strong against migration challenges, against digital giants, against Russia, we need Europe.”

In a pointed remark, Attal repeated: “Let’s not be like the Britons who cried after Brexit.” He criticised RN for focusing on national issues rather than discussing their European policies. “The reality is that their programme, at the European level, would amount to an exit from Europe for France (…) All those who claim that this election has a national stake are playing into the hands of extremists,” he said.

The Prime Minister cautioned that a significant far-right presence in the European Parliament could lead to a dangerous blockage of EU institutions, weakening France’s position on the international stage. “Will we be stronger by turning inward? No, we will not be stronger by being more isolated,” he warned.

Attal concluded by highlighting the necessity of having proactive deputies in the European Parliament. He praised Valérie Hayer’s list for defending France’s interests through investments to compete with America and China, effective immigration policies, and substantial plans for youth and women.

“I fight for us to have deputies who work, which is not the case with far-right deputies who are among the least hardworking in the European Parliament,” he said.

Tyler Mitchell

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