French election LIVE: Macron could throw France into chaos with shock move

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul7,2024

Emmanuel Macron has pledged he will remain the President of France until May 2027, when the next presidential election is set to take place, no matter the result of today’s vote.

However, a source described as a “loyal cabinet member” claimed Mr Macron may change his mind.

They told French news outlet Le Parisien: “In seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to spend hours with [Mr Macron]. One day, he can make you a promise straight to your face, and the next day do the complete opposite. Completely the opposite. So when he says: I’ll never leave, I have my doubts.”

The second round of the French election, called by French President Emmanuel Macron on June 9, will determine who will take seats in the country’s Parliament and who will become Prime Minister.

The first round saw the far-right National Rally taking the lead, followed by the leftist coalition New Popular Front. Mr Macron’s centrist group was relegated to a humiliating third position.

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