Foreign Office travel warning as Spain, Italy and Greece hit with 40C heatwave

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul9,2024

Brits have been warned to take extra care when travelling to some of Europe’s favourite summer hotspots, as the continent is hit by powerful heatwaves.

As the holiday season starts to reach its peak, thousands of holidaymakers are breaking for the border to escape the cool and wet British summer.

Italy, Greece and Spain are seeing soaring temperatures, with the mercury climbing well above 30C in many places.

Hot weather, though, brings with it increased health risks as well as the danger of wildfires. Greece has been hit by wildfires in Crete, Kos and Chios. A forest fire also broke out at Keratea, southeast of Athens at the end of June.

Travellers are advised to check the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) for the latest travel updates and advice.

Here are the latest temperature forecasts and travel warnings for Greece, Italy and Spain…

Rome: The temperature for the next few days will be in the high thirties for the Eternal City. Tuesday will be 36C, while Wednesday and Thursday will be one degree hotter at 37C.

Naples: Famous for its pizzas among other things, the city will see temperatures of 33C on Tuesday, 33C on Wednesday and 31C on Thursday.

Palermo: The capital of Sicily will be somewhat cooler with the mercury hitting 31C on Tuesday, and then 32C on Wednesday and Thursday.

The FDCO in particular warns visitors to be on the lookout for wildfires during the summer heat.

They write: “Wildfires are a risk during the extended summer months. They are highly dangerous and unpredictable. Check the latest alerts and weather forecast and follow the advice of local authorities if you’re considering travelling to affected areas. Take care when visiting or driving through woodland areas and report fires to the emergency services.”

Cordoba: This beautiful city with its unique and stunning Mosque-Cathedral will see some of the highest temperatures in Spain this week. Tuesday will be 36C, Wednesday 39C while Thursday will be an absolute scorcher with 40C.

Madrid: Spain’s capital will be somewhat cooler. Tuesday will see the mercury rise to 31C, then 34C on Wednesday and 35C on Thursday.

Barcelona: The tourist hotspot will see temperatures of 29C on Tuesday and Wednesday and 31C on Thursday.

The FDCO says: “Extreme temperatures can affect many areas of Spain over the summer months. Follow the Spanish Meteorological Office (AEMET) and European Meteorological Services for severe weather warnings.

“The NHS has information on how to cope in hot weather. You can also follow guidance from the Spanish Ministry of Health (in Spanish).”

Athens: The capital will see some of the hottest temperatures this week with the mercury hitting 36C on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 37C on Thursday.

Corfu: The island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea will bask in temperatures of 33C on Tuesday, 34C on Wednesday and 33C on Thursday.

Crete: It will be slightly cooler here with a high of 32C on Tuesday and Wednesday and 31C on Thursday.

The major warning for travellers in danger from wildfires. The FDCO writes: “There is a high risk of wildfires during the summer season from April to October.

“Wildfires are highly dangerous and unpredictable. The situation can change quickly. To avoid starting wildfires: leave no litter, especially not glass which is known to start fires. Make sure cigarettes are properly extinguished and do not light barbecues.

“Causing a wildfire or a forest fire is a criminal offence in Greece – even if unintentional. If you see a fire, call the emergency services on 112. Be cautious if you are in or near an area affected by wildfires.”

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