Sun. May 26th, 2024

Life Sentence for Guy Who Put the Eye Drops

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May17,2024

This Week on True Crime Daily The Podcast: A woman who killed a family friend with eye drops before stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars is sentenced to life. Plus, a repeat offender is caught on camera stalking multiple women before he brutally assaults and slays his victim.

Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

Emily is a talented author who has published several bestselling novels in the mystery genre. With a knack for creating gripping plotlines and intriguing characters, Emily's works have captivated readers worldwide.

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2 thoughts on “Life Sentence for Guy Who Put the Eye Drops”
  1. I can’t believe the cruelty and malice some people are capable of. The fact that someone would use eye drops as a weapon is beyond comprehension. It’s important for justice to be served in cases like this to ensure the safety of others.

  2. It’s terrifying how someone can use such common items like eye drops to commit such a heinous crime. Justice was served with a life sentence, but it’s a reminder of the darkness that can lurk within seemingly ordinary situations.

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