Europe’s ten most dangerous countries revealed – including tourist hotspot loved by Brits

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul6,2024

Many places in Europe are popular tourist destinations for people from around the world, but safety varies across the continent.

The Global Peace Index score is a reliable measure to determine the relative safety of different countries.

Several factors are taken into account. In general, the higher the GPI, the less safe the country is.

Some of the most important factors include the rate of violent crime, a country’s relationship with its neighbours, whether the country is currently at war, the frequency of terrorist attacks, and the stability of the government.

Here are the ten most dangerous countries in Europe based on their GPI scores:

1. Russia – GPI Score: 3.142

Russia tops the list as the most dangerous country in Europe. The ongoing conflict with Ukraine and internal political unrest contribute to its high GPI score, making it a risky destination for travelers.

2. Ukraine – GPI Score: 3.043

Ukraine, embroiled in conflict with Russia, is the second most dangerous country in Europe. The war has led to significant instability and safety concerns.

3. Belarus – GPI Score: 2.248

Political unrest and a heavy-handed government response to protests have made Belarus one of the less safe countries in Europe.

4. France – GPI Score: 1.939

While a popular tourist destination, France faces challenges such as terrorism threats and civil unrest, affecting its safety score.

5. Serbia – GPI Score: 1.921

Serbia’s GPI score reflects regional tensions and occasional political instability, making it a country to approach with caution.

6. Cyprus – GPI Score: 1.904

The long-standing division of Cyprus and occasional political tensions contribute to its placement on this list, despite its tourist-friendly image.

7. Bosnia and Herzegovina – GPI Score: 1.892

Bosnia and Herzegovina still grapples with the aftermath of the 1990s conflict, resulting in political instability and safety concerns.

8. Greece – GPI Score: 1.890

Greece faces economic challenges and occasional civil unrest, impacting its overall safety despite being a major tourist destination.

9. Moldova – GPI Score: 1.873

Moldova’s political instability and economic struggles contribute to its position as one of Europe’s less safe countries.

10. Montenegro – GPI Score: 1.772

Montenegro’s safety concerns stem from political instability and occasional civil unrest, despite its beautiful landscapes and tourist appeal.

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