Eagle-eyed Disney fan spots intriguing link between Inside Out and Toy Story 4

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun12,2024

The world of Disney is known for its hidden “Easter Eggs” sprinkling throughout films, creating unexpected links between different movie stories.

For instance, connections have been noted between the Disney favourites Tangled and Frozen, where characters Rapunzel and Eugene were depicted in Arendelle during Anna’s song, “For the First Time in Forever”. Few even suggested a link between Monsters Inc’s Sully to Brave, spotting an image of him on a wood carving.

However, the most recent fan theory, proposed by vigilant viewers, connects two beloved Pixar classics – Toy Story and Inside Out. Shared by TikTok user The H3ro, a mysterious credit card signature from Inside Out is identified as belonging to Bonnie’s mum from Toy Story 4.

H3ro elaborated: “You will think that this Disney theory is unbelievable. Do you remember the scene in Inside Out when Riley steals her mom’s credit card?”

“Well, what if I told you that the credit card actually belongs to someone else? The name of the credit card is Kay Ann Anderson. Riley’s mom’s name is actually Jill Anderson.”

“But then who is Kay Ann Anderson? The answer to that question is Bonnie Anderson’s mom from Toy Story.”

Contrary to common perception of them being relatives due to the shared surname, H3ro posits a more thrilling, “criminal” connection.

He remarked: “That means Riley’s mom from Inside Out stole Bonnie’s mom from Toy Story’s credit card. Maybe that’s the real reason Riley’s family moved.”

The theory has left viewers utterly astonished, amassing over 24,000 likes, and sparking a frenzy of speculation in the comments section. One user speculated: “I think Riley dad and Bonnie’s mom are related.”

Another chimed in with praise, saying: “Bruh nice theory,” while someone else suggested: “It’s an easter egg. A hint that there was a new movie.”

A fourth person pondered: “Wait could Bonnie’s mom and Riley’s dad be related since Rileys mom is married so her last name changed so her mom stole the card and the dad didn’t want her to get caught so they had to move.”

Disney has been approached for a statement.

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