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Donald Trump tried to ban this social media platform. Now, he’s joined it

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun5,2024
Key Points
  • Donald Trump has joined TikTok, despite once trying to ban the app.
  • The former president has already attracted millions of followers.
  • Trump joining TikTok is seen as as an attempt to reach younger voters as he seeks re-election in November.
Former US president and current White House hopeful Donald Trump has joined TikTok, posting his first video on the wildly popular social media app he once tried to ban while in office.
Reaching out to younger voters as he seeks re-election in November, Trump posted a 13-second clip Saturday night that shows him in his usual blue suit and red tie attending an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout in Newark, New Jersey.
In the video, which features raucous music, Trump is introduced by UFC CEO Dana White and leans into the camera saying, “It’s my honour.”

Trump greets people at the UFC arena and concludes the clip by saying, “That was a good walk-on, right?”

At the time of writing, Trump already had 2.6 million followers on his account.
In April, President Joe Biden signed into law a bill that would ban TikTok in the United States if its Chinese owner Bytedance failed to find a buyer for the app within a year.
US officials have expressed concern that China’s government uses TikTok to gather Americans’ personal data for other nefarious purposes.

The Biden campaign this year also joined TikTok, which has more than 170 million users in the US.

While in power, , but the drive got bogged down in the courts when a federal judge questioned how the move would affect free speech and blocked the initiative.
In early May, TikTok and Bytedance filed a legal challenge against the law that would ban the app.

ByteDance has said it has no plans to sell TikTok, leaving the lawsuit, which will likely go to the US Supreme Court, as its only option to avoid a ban.

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