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Cross-carrying alleged rioter helping Wakeley investigation after police release 12 photos

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May14,2024
Key Points
  • NSW Police has released photographs of 12 people allegedly involved in a riot outside a church in Wakeley last week.
  • CCTV footage shows the men’s faces and defining features such as facial hair and tattoos.
  • Hundreds were involved in riots after the stabbing of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel at Christ the Good Shepherd Church.
An alleged rioter who wielded a metre-long cross outside a church has contacted police as investigators search for others who may have incited dozens more to join the violent fray.
Police released images of 12 men allegedly involved in the riot outside Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley last Monday night.
The riot, which investigators say swelled to involve 2,000 people and injured several police officers, followed the stabbing of Assyrian during a live-streamed service.
A composite image of six men.

Police are looking for 12 men captured on video following a riot outside a western Sydney church that left dozens of police officers injured. Credit: Supplied

A with a terrorism offence over the stabbings.

NSW Police Acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Holland said at least 50 people involved in the riots had “definitely gone there simply to start problems”.
The 12 men identified in the released images were influential in fuelling the violence, he said on Monday.
“They’ve seen the anonymity of being in a riot, they thought they could get away with offences,” Holland said.
“They’re the 12 most serious offenders we’ve identified.”
and police are zeroing in on as many as 50 people believed to be involved in the violence.
Police said on Monday night a 23-year-old man who attended Fairfield Police Station had been arrested and charged with rioting and attempted aggravated break and enter with intent.

He was refused bail to appear at Fairfield Local Court on Tuesday.

On Monday, the force released images of 12 men they want to question over the incident.
Hours after the Monday morning appeal, only one man — depicted in the compiled footage carrying a large cross over his head — had contacted police to assist them with inquiries.
Police on Monday night could not confirm if he was the man who had been charged earlier.
One man — of Caucasian appearance and wearing black jeans cut off at the ankle and a black shirt wrapped around his face — bears a distinctive tattoo of Jesus Christ on his stomach and a tattoo sleeve on his left arm.
Another is described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance, with receding dark brown hair and a beard.

He is shown wearing a black jumper, grey pants, black shoes and carrying a grey shoulder bag.

A man standing on a police vehicle with many others surrounding him.

NSW police images include CCTV footage from the riots. Credit: Supplied/NSW Police

Superintendent Andrew Evans said the 12 men in the images were wanted “due to the violent and aggressive nature of their actions”.

“We are doing everything we can to identify these men and are now appealing for public assistance,” he said.
“Someone in the community knows who they are.”
Faith leaders are calling for calm while police hope high-visibility patrols in the region quell .

Dozens of officers have been assigned to investigate the riot, during which some of the crowd tried to gain access to the alleged attacker while he was being held inside the church.

Investigators are collating evidence including mobile phone and CCTV vision to identify those involved.
Dani Mansour, from Doonside, was the first person charged over the public disorder incident.
The 19-year-old said he made a mistake but he was “pissed off” at officers.

Mansour allegedly filmed himself kicking two police cars during the riot before uploading the footage to Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “Cross-carrying alleged rioter helping Wakeley investigation after police release 12 photos”
  1. An alleged rioter who wielded a metre-long cross outside a church has contacted police as investigators search for others who may have incited dozens more to join the violent fray. It’s concerning how easily individuals can be influenced to participate in such destructive behavior.

  2. It’s concerning to see the extent of violence escalating in the Wakeley riot. I appreciate the efforts of the authorities in identifying and apprehending those responsible for inciting such chaos. Let’s hope justice prevails and such incidents are prevented in the future.

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