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Columbia extends negotiations to clear pro-Palestinian encampment

Alex Thompson By Alex Thompson May11,2024

Columbia University announced Wednesday it has extended negotiations with pro-Palestinian protesters to clear their encampments on the school’s lawn before further action against them is taken.  

The original deadline for protesters to leave was Tuesday at midnight or else police may have stepped in to dismantle the encampment.

But the university said due to significant progress made in negotiations with student leaders, the school has given another 48 hour extension to the deadline.  

Columbia said the organizers agreed to dismantle a “significant number of tents,” ensure only those affiliated with the school are taking part in the protest, and that those taking part will comply with safety requirements and take steps to ensure no discriminatory language is used.  

“In light of this constructive dialogue, the University will continue conversations for the next 48 hours,” the school said.  

The encampment began last Wednesday, when multiple university officials were questioned at a House hearing about antisemitism on campus. 

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is set to visit with Jewish students at Columbia on Wednesday. House Republicans from New York earlier this week called on the president of the university to resign.

The protests on Columbia’s campus have received bipartisan condemnation due to claims of violence and antisemitism at the encampment.  

The protesters have said they refuse to leave until the school agrees to divest from Israel or any companies associated with the war.  

The encampments have led Columbia to announce this week that classes will be remote for the rest of the semester due to safety concerns.  

More than 100 students have been arrested since the encampments began, with Columbia saying it will suspend those participating in the event.  

Alex Thompson

By Alex Thompson

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2 thoughts on “Columbia extends negotiations to clear pro-Palestinian encampment”
  1. As a former student of Columbia University, I find it admirable that the negotiations have been extended to find a peaceful resolution with the pro-Palestinian protesters. It’s important for the voices of the students to be heard and for dialogue to be prioritized over escalation. Let’s hope for a constructive outcome in the next 48 hours.

  2. It’s vital that the university ensures everyone’s safety while respecting freedom of expression. I hope this extended negotiation period leads to a peaceful resolution for all parties involved.

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